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CLOSED - Milo Volcano & Hainan Chicken Rice at Wishbone Restaurant, Jalan Gaya

Ello~ It's one special post from Sketches of Life to my readers on 11.11.11. ;) How's your day today? As for me.. were lunch at Pizza Hut and not feeling that happy today. :(


Once in a while, shopping is essential to relax your feet. :P especially when there's public holiday on weekday!

And after having the short walk, my sister, meatball suggested us (the whole family member) to have a try at Wishbone Restaurant which located along Jalan Gaya for our lunch.

- Wishbone Restaurant -

Located at one of the old building in the main city of Kota Kinabalu. Lot 109, Jalan Gaya.

- Beverages Menu -

The list of price are reasonable in city like ours.

Personally, I did not ordered from the list, but I have tried something new and it was called "MILO VOLCANO" which recommended by Meatball after she had her first try!

- Why they are CHEF -

In Wishbone theory are Classic. Healthy. Economic and Fast.


Such a huge mug of Milo Volcano that could be shared by few person. Although it look sweet, but actually it taste not. A recommended drink if we go there for a visit. :)

- Tempting not?? -

Hensley Chocolate Syrup, Milo powder, special ice cream and et cetera.. Combining with extra special ingredients, we might love it at the first taste! ;P

- Watan Ho M Size -

I had Watan Ho that day and it taste was ordinary with reasonable price for it. It's around RM8.00 ++.

- The legendary Hainan Chicken Rice (M Size) -

Likewise, the chicken taste was nice as told by meatball. ;) Price was reasonable and it cost RM5.00 Only for S Size, although it was S, the portion just nice for small eater.

Nothing to say much today. Till then...


Feel free to comment! Appreciate with your kind words and it does make my days brighter!


  1. Whoa.. so nice.. Ok2,nanti si Aki pigi cuba sana la.. :-p.. Tapi mau singgah kedai itik inanam dulu la.. ;-)

  2. mmmmmm...yummy! i havent try them there...gonna go soon ;)

  3. Wow! So many yummy food! I love food ^ ^

  4. been there some time ago, personally feel the small portion for rm5 is a killer price. and the curry chicken cost rm2 for a piece and not all of them are big in size. its just my personal opinion cause i think rm5 shouldnt cost that little.

  5. Try search for a place that cost Rm5.00 for a plate of chicken rice in the city.

  6. Yummyyyy omg ur such a cool sabahan babe

  7. The price is so much reasonable over at KK compared to how much we pay over in KL though likr you have shared, a combo of nice and not that nice taste but I feel its still worth the try looking at the price.

  8. Dolly : Thank u! :D hahaha I know what's kempunan mean! hehe

  9. Meitzeu! Haha... Let's jalan2 cari makan when I'm back in Sabah ^^

  10. Would like to go try them out sometimes. Will definitely order the Milo Volcano <3 Looks super tempting.

  11. M Size? LoL I never know in food you can have M Size xP. The Milo Volcano looks super duper tempting oh! At first I thought its Milo Dino pulak >"<

  12. Daniel : Just inform me then. :)

    Lady G : yaya! Agree!

    Agnes : The chef even said that they got Milo Dino and we got Milo Volcano!