Friday, November 11, 2011

CLOSED - Milo Volcano & Hainan Chicken Rice at Wishbone Restaurant, Jalan Gaya

Ello~ It's one special post from Sketches of Life to my readers on 11.11.11. ;) How's your day today? As for me.. were lunch at Pizza Hut and not feeling that happy today. :(


Once in a while, shopping is essential to relax your feet. :P especially when there's public holiday on weekday!

And after having the short walk, my sister, meatball suggested us (the whole family member) to have a try at Wishbone Restaurant which located along Jalan Gaya for our lunch.

- Wishbone Restaurant -

Located at one of the old building in the main city of Kota Kinabalu. Lot 109, Jalan Gaya.

- Beverages Menu -

The list of price are reasonable in city like ours.

Personally, I did not ordered from the list, but I have tried something new and it was called "MILO VOLCANO" which recommended by Meatball after she had her first try!

- Why they are CHEF -

In Wishbone theory are Classic. Healthy. Economic and Fast.


Such a huge mug of Milo Volcano that could be shared by few person. Although it look sweet, but actually it taste not. A recommended drink if we go there for a visit. :)

- Tempting not?? -

Hensley Chocolate Syrup, Milo powder, special ice cream and et cetera.. Combining with extra special ingredients, we might love it at the first taste! ;P

- Watan Ho M Size -

I had Watan Ho that day and it taste was ordinary with reasonable price for it. It's around RM8.00 ++.

- The legendary Hainan Chicken Rice (M Size) -

Likewise, the chicken taste was nice as told by meatball. ;) Price was reasonable and it cost RM5.00 Only for S Size, although it was S, the portion just nice for small eater.

Nothing to say much today. Till then...


  1. Whoa.. so nice.. Ok2,nanti si Aki pigi cuba sana la.. :-p.. Tapi mau singgah kedai itik inanam dulu la.. ;-)

  2. mmmmmm...yummy! i havent try them there...gonna go soon ;)

  3. Wow! So many yummy food! I love food ^ ^

  4. been there some time ago, personally feel the small portion for rm5 is a killer price. and the curry chicken cost rm2 for a piece and not all of them are big in size. its just my personal opinion cause i think rm5 shouldnt cost that little.

  5. Try search for a place that cost Rm5.00 for a plate of chicken rice in the city.

  6. Yummyyyy omg ur such a cool sabahan babe

  7. The price is so much reasonable over at KK compared to how much we pay over in KL though likr you have shared, a combo of nice and not that nice taste but I feel its still worth the try looking at the price.

  8. Dolly : Thank u! :D hahaha I know what's kempunan mean! hehe

  9. Meitzeu! Haha... Let's jalan2 cari makan when I'm back in Sabah ^^

  10. Would like to go try them out sometimes. Will definitely order the Milo Volcano <3 Looks super tempting.

  11. M Size? LoL I never know in food you can have M Size xP. The Milo Volcano looks super duper tempting oh! At first I thought its Milo Dino pulak >"<

  12. Daniel : Just inform me then. :)

    Lady G : yaya! Agree!

    Agnes : The chef even said that they got Milo Dino and we got Milo Volcano!