Friday, November 4, 2011

Musical Night with Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra held in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.

Sigh~ Its Friday and I'm sick.... Yea~ Happy girl is having flu and sore throat now. -_- And I'm writing a new entry now~ No matter how, writing a post doesn't effect much with my fingers right? :P

 Haha ;D Back to post.

I'm quite lucky that I was there to experience one of the must attend Orchestra here in KK. After years of performing with pianica on the stage while I was a primary student in a band team, I think this is my first attempt to enjoy such wondering Orchestra at our historical building of Menara Tun Mustapha.

- The Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra (MPO) -

Finally, MPO come to Sabah to perform in KK City! 

Audiences reached on time (seldom seen in Malaysian way) to wait for the performance to start, and everyone were silent during the performance going on.

No matter what, I still saw people taking photographs in the Auditorium!

- Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra held on 01.11.2011 -

I have paid RM70.00 for my ticket to enjoy the show with Meatball and her friends. NO BF this time, at least a night for silent and relaxation and far from everything else. :)

The whole performance was nice, however there's part where audience were disappointed with students (with tickets paid for RM15.00 each person.) whispering at the corner where most of us could hear. Non the less, there's people who asked them to KEEP QUITE!! WTH!! Talk the whole day still not enough is it??

- Before the actual show started -

Musician walked to their seats, tried to warm up themselves a little before the performance started.

Sorry to say this, but WE WERE NOT ALLOWED TO TAKE PHOTOGRAPHS during the on going performance, therefore I only managed to take a few of the group pictures of them on stage with their music instruments, the violins, the base, the trumpets etc etc..

For other photos I took, just scroll down!

- The musician -

- The musician -

Interesting Orchestra with good looking people too! :P The Orchestra was conducted by Kevin Field, Flute played by Hristo Dobrinov.

- The group of performers -

Guess what? I had listened to familiar Mozart Music that night and they even played Malaysian Evergreen Folksongs like "Jong Jong Inai", "Chan Mali Chan" and Rasa Sayang" with nicer version!

And before the performance ended, they performed with our famous local song - "Bridge of Tamparuli" (Jambatan Tamparuli) instead of "Sayang Kinabalu". One of a kind experience whereby everyone were excited with it!! How good was that?? 

The violin were played in such a way that was so light by the violinist.. Its really hard to express by words but I could tell you that everyone played with all their heart and feeling, this applied the same to other musicians too. :)

Anyway, a nice Orchestra to be experienced once in a while. 

And I would love to enjoy future must attend Orchestras performance happening here in KK!


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