Sunday, November 13, 2011

【马六甲游】 传统珠子鞋 Fun in Malacca : Nyonya Beaded Shoes

Soon enough and finishing my last post about my Malacca trip in details.

 Doesn't talk about food but a nice remarkable items that has been brought down by older generation.

- The Beaded Shoe -

Written before this, that that was belong to my mom and she ordered from a friend before we were leaving to KL.

I could tell you that it doesn't cost any cheaper from RM200.00.

Since generation ago, beaded shoes are worn with the local custom, make it even more stand out when the design of the beads are beautiful.

- Media Interview -

Three of us visited Jonker Street and managed to visit a shop selling/ custom made beaded shoes! :) The famous one which casts from Singapore for the movie "Nyonya" was there to purchase them.

Besides, selling beaded shoes, there's more such as Wooden Portugal War Ships which my mom and dad bought one for collection.

- Beaded design for customers to select before platform being stick on -

- The making of Shoes platform -

There's a Japanese lady who was buying beaded shoe and the platform was selective on and custom made by the uncle at the shop.

How lucky am I to evidence the whole process without being chased away by the owner! :P

So here's the photographs! Enjoy!

- He is friendly! -

And he is a Baba! :P I realised there's similarity among Babas, they have a "big face" features and  having a larger body size. ;)

- ZOMG! -

Saw the colourful Nyonya Beaded shoes? It's the design of our states  of Malaysia! 

RM650.00 O_O My eye was so huge when I saw that. Some may perceived the price was fairly reasonable because of those hard works in the process of those small and colourful beads combination. :)
I may be buying one but not at the moment, because I haven't reach the age of needing them. haha ;D

Happy Monday you all! ;) And enjoy the Sunday. 


  1. They are wonderful, just thinking of buying a pair when I go for my holiday next week but after you mention the price, I better forget about

  2. Nanti kan,sampai masa ko mo pakai tu,harga dia jadi rm6.5k sudah,baru ko tau.. H aha ha.. ^_^.v..

  3. Omigosh... it really looks nice... *gulp* maybe not the best time to buy it as gift yet xD

  4. Dora: LOLzzz! :D There's different price bah. :D RM650 is one of them only.

    Aki: hahahha :D U ni ahhh~

    Daniel: Yea~ not a best time as a gift!

  5. aaaw pricey! won't buy it but if someone give it to me as a gift, yay grab it and frame it! lol! frame? :p anyway, salute to the tukang buat hihihi

  6. i saw them at filipino night market in kk...they're nice!! ^^

  7. What?? lolz. Yea~ nice pieces at Malacca, but I'm not sure about KK tho. :P And you know what? I saw beaded shoes at Taiwan too!!!

  8. This is so skilful and nice beautiful pieces are the outcome.

  9. @_@ yeah... they have big face and big body size. me nyonya too and me fall in that category too... huhuhu... my Mom has 5 beaded shoes!

  10. Oh no~ Paiseh for saying like that. :P

    Wow! My mom got few of those too!! Wearing them with kebaya looks so pretty oO~

  11. For your information - The beaded shoes shown in Little Nonya are not all from Malacca. The close-ups and beautiful ones come from Little Shophouse which is in Singapore, Bussorah Street.