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Greyson Chance Live in KK!

Held on Thursday night (17.11.2011) on 8.30pm at 1 Borneo, KK, Sabah!

- Greyson Chance performing Paparazzi -

I'm not there but Chloe did. :P She's the one who took the video UP FRONT!!

Greyson is so cute and talented at his young age, like him more than Bieber though. 

- Interview (photo credit to Chloe) -

Besides, check out his photos albums of happening in KK by Hit.FM KK (click)!

Till then~


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  1. my friend keeps making me jealous after he went to the show last nite...ugh!!!!

  2. omg those screams! he is so cute, so sad I wasn't there..

  3. My friend ask me whether wanna join her for the concert because she has extra ticket but I rejected her.

    Indeed he is very talented but neh, not my favourite. Hahaha...

  4. Aemy : hahahha :D For me its okay la~

    Joanna : yup! from the videos he is cute!

    Diana : Yea~ i got invitation too. but didn't took it.

  5. soooo cute but i still think he's too young for me.... hehehe... JK..

  6. gila la durang.. bising ni.. sa tia dingar trus dia nyanyi.. :-p.. he he he..

  7. lilies : hahaha :D Just an icon. No worry!

    Aki : ya lor!

  8. aww at KK? then how bout KL? :)

  9. Fish : Greyson went to KL before he came to KK.

  10. I was at 1b that day, but I dont have the ticket, so cant see him sing live, but I do hear him live though.. hehe