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Monday, November 28, 2011

They told us Blackpool was nice - Journey to Blackpool, UK (Part 1)

This the first (1st) part of my journey to Blackpool, UK during the Year of 2008.

They told us that Blackpool was a nice place to visit back then and as a group of students who went to further our studies, we did actually planned and visited there with a long distance transportation (train) early in the morning with a duration of 1 and a half hour journey from Lime Street Station, Liverpool at 9.55am.

- Lime Street Station, Liverpool -

Besides travelling by train, we could opt for travelling by Bus with a duration of 3 HOURS!! Which I don't recommend it, unless you love to enjoy road trip and the scenery around.

Actually we went for the trip that my group of friends have planned, instead of visiting the Chester, where there's the shopping paradise which is much nearer to Liverpool. Clever us. :P

- The Platform -

I can't find a nice photo to share here besides this one with that odd smiling face. Behind is the railway heading to wherever people might be heading to.

And after we had a short photo session with my group of friends, we get a nice seat in the train and wait for the moment to leave Liverpool!

* Excited *

- Peace Sign -

I can tell you that I make that peace sign so often when I was pursuing my studies over there. So yea~ 

V(^_^)V Peace~

Here's some of the snap shots of interesting scenery while we were on our way :

- Nice Weather and Friendly Housing area -

Its just look the same like what I've seen from the television, no gates like usual Malaysian housing areas have. I really admires their lifestyle, the weather and more. But I guess I'm not suitable to be staying there during Winter (which I could imagine of), my nose was bleeding when I first arrived UK while the weather was changing from Spring to Summer and while returning to Malaysia when the weather was changing again from Summer to Autumn.

- The green field with Cows -

- The green field with White Cotton Sheep -

Looking from far away, I was wondering why was the green field was covered by white cottons things or a mixture of black things. :S Only then I knew it was the sheep and cows which laying on the field and doing what they love to so. :D Its fluffy and cute! Wait till you see the real sheep with colour sprayed on them to make it easier to be recognised.

- Welcome to Blackpool North -

Finally we arrived at Blackpool at 11.30am. :) before the rain felt.

- On our way to the coastal area -

While we were walking from the station to the coastal area, we found out that it was quite creepy whereby Blackpool was quite quiet during the day. And guess what? I even saw homosexual as in Gay and Lesbian posters hanging outside the clubs and phone booths. -__- Totally unacceptable by ME! O_O

- Have a ride on the Wagon? -

I saw similar one in Liverpool too . :) However, I didn't have the chance to have a ride on it.

One facts that we should know about Blackpool, it was famous of the homosexual lifestyle and we could see quite a number of similar outlets selling sex toys and sexy lingerie and other than that, its easy to search for entertainment outlets which combines with Casinos!

- I found Yates in Blackpool too! -

I tried the foods served by Yates in Liverpool and I love the green beans UK have, its sweet compared with ours here in Malaysia which normally tasteless after being frozen. Those are few of my friends who I have knew them since my Advanced Diploma course in College. :) Nice and fashionable friends indeed.

Alright, we were heading to the coastal area to "meet"....

- Blackpool Tower -

Yup! Blackpool Tower is one of the trademark of Blackpool. :) And I will talk more about it will on the Part 2 of my journey to Blackpool. ;) So, stay tuned and be prepared to join in the fun reading and browsing through all the photos sharing!

For more information about Blackpool - Read them from Wikipedia (click).

Location : Blackpool, UK.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Seeking Mashed Potato Cone at UMS Expo 2011 (28 & 29 Nov)

I wonder how do Mashed Potato serve with crunchy cone taste like. :)

Finally, UMS Expo 2011 is here and in courtesy of helping Hayden, a blogger friend of mine, I hereby present you.....

*drum rolls*



- EVENT : UMS Expo 2011 -

Venue : UMS Library Foyer, UMS
DATE : Monday (It's a Public Holiday) and Tuesday, 28th and 29th November, 2011
TIME : 8.00 am to 6.00 pm
PRICE: Mashed Potato Cone @ RM2.00 and Potato Salad @ RM3.00
Extra : Lucky Draw, Giveaway and PHOTO SHOOTING FOR FREE! (Scroll down to know more!)
 Facebook Page : Mr. Moustache - UMS EXPO 2011

Check out the video presented by Hayden from Hayden Chan (click) (The Sales and Marketing Officer and the blogger) and Aaron (The Director) of Mr. Moustache!

Creativity of a group of students a.k.a Young Entrepreneurs from UMS and since weeks ago they were promoting to public about their products!
Clever~ *Claps claps*

I heard and saw those snap shots of Mashed Potato Cones, it was obviously TEMPTING and made me drooled, I'm in love with potatoes. :P And I do love Potato Salad too! You know what? They prepared the FRESH mashed potato with SPECIAL RECIPE AND SAUCE. Oh my~ Its drooling when the mashed potato served was smooth like hot ice cream! :D

- Animated Mashed Potato Cone -

Who love Potatoes like I do?

Any KK people feeling tempted to have a try? Now is the chance for two days consecutively to visit UMS and have a bite of Mashed Potato Cones!

No worries, map is provided here to search it!

- The Map -

So, besides Potatoes, there will be LUCKY DRAW AND GIVEAWAY!!! YAY!! 

First of all, all of us are entitle to be one of participant in the lucky draw of winning a HAMPER by Nescafe with purchase of as low as RM5.00 from Mr. Moustache! And be early to participate on the Secret giveaway by Breeze Magazine (Only for early birds)! :D

Thus, for such a fun day, Mr. Moustache will be having a FREE MOUSTACHE PHOTOSHOOTING too.  So..... be there early to find out more about it!!

By the way, don't forget to click "LIKE" on their Facebook page (click) as a support and read more about their updates!!

Till then~ As we took a bite on that Mashed Potato Cone! Nyum nyum~~ ;)

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Taste of Unexpected Nyonya Colors at The Gardens Mid Valley, KL

When there's KL trip with family, we can't run away from shopping at Mid Valley!

And had a walk through the linkage at the basement between The Gardens and Mid Valley, my dad caught his eye at Nyonya Colours. =D While I was looking for some accessories at the stalls outside that cafe/ restaurant. *My dad just love to EAT!*

- Nyonya Colours -

Dad selected some local cakes from Nyonya Colours without noticed by me and my mom and shared those among three of us and found it.... Mmm~ Not bad actually. (My first trial)

And during the official visit there (sit inside the restaurant for Kopi O session), we selected  few local cakes for our tea session and ordered their coffee.

- Nyonya Kiuh (cakes) -

- Nyonya Kiuh (cakes) -

From the prices stated there, it is reasonable to have such at such a high class area. =) And although the so much cakes were there when I took photographs, people keeps coming in for take away and add on for their coffee, the cakes just sold off in a bit.


- Nyonya Kiuh (cakes) - 

We tried their local delicacies and like it much, the ingredients added (say evaporate milk ie Ideal Milk or added with Coconut Milk) made those cakes having smooth texture while munching them.

Besides, I heard their Laksa was nice too! Didn't have the chance to try it during my last visit. :( Next time should be in my list of must eat :P)

- Nyonya inspired Chair with patterns -

- The Coffees -

Both of them look unattractive with their colours on the first sight, and after I have tried (and my dad too). Our eyes goes O_O!! Unpredictable ZOMG, the coffee taste so bitter, although the colour of their drinks seen thin! In short, Coffees were GOOD! (For those who like thick coffee flavour). ;)

- Nyonya inspired Chair with patterns -

- Glutinous Rice with Sambal -

Sambal taste were good by having that spicy flavour, just like those we could find at Pasar Malam. :P

- Sambal -

The special ingredients to make Malaysian food taste good! =D So cheap and nicely packed! 

Overall impression were well designed with Nyonya inspiration with those chair, tables and internal appearance. Well done for them! :)

Might check them out again soon!

Official website : Little Cravings

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

They made me felt LOVED - Crabtree and Evelyn

This time around, there's so much of discounts/ sales happening here and there, especially shopping malls that made us broke in the end if we cant resist those tempting discounted items!

Besides, nothing important to make myself happy and be loved by all of my collection. :) 

- Summer Hill Vanity Case and Rosewater Round Hat Box -

7 Days of Sales (20th Nov, 2011 - last day) for 30% off for members while 20% off for non members. OMG! And I managed to influenced my colleagues! :D 

Varieties of selections from the catalog and all of them were tempting (*relief* luckily I didn't went to the outlet last week, or else I will be broke by now =D), especially with those pretty boxes that I love the most! I would like to buy their Jewellery Box series, so maybe next time. :)

- Summer Hill Vanity Case -

When there's new case added into my collection, I have added all new goodies, similar free bottled gifts of other brands and unused new items into that case (with a zip attached somemore!)! It is nice to see when there's a "home" for my things. :)

- Rosewater Round Hat Box (before being converted) -

My hat box which I have bought sometime around... say May/ June? :/ has been converted into a box for my hair clips, hair bands and some other hair accessories for now. Unexpectedly, my box is FULL! And the box is quite large though. :P

p/s : Happy birthday to my Terence! Happy forever oo ~ ♥ ❤ ❥ ❣ ❦ ❧

Till then!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Sawadee Ka~ Unexpected Night with Celadon Royal Thai Cuisine, Pavilion KL.

Sawadee Ka~

A night of Thai Cuisine for dinner that I never forget about at a city named K.L.

The Tom Yum, the appetizer... Those tasted heavenly with those spices flavouring blended in together.

- Celadon Royal Thai Cuisine -

Meatball dated a friend of hers to dine with us around Pavilion KL, and we never expected we could meet our local people from Sabah at the restaurant, the manager and the staff were nice to us and seems happy to see us dining in there. :)

They introduced the best dishes ever!

- Internal Design -

Well designed with a glimpse of modernised style, it is quite a nice place for dinner and feeling like a "royalty" while having dinner in the restaurant.

- Part of the menu -


- Mieng Kam (RM19.90) -

Interesting Thai styled appetizer. With all the raw and roasted ingredients such as lime, peanuts, onions and etc filled into the betel leaves (Daun Kado) prepared and adding the Thai sauces provided, its quite special and just nice! I ate few and I simply love it. Less spicy dish as a starter for the night.

- Mieng Kam -

Stuffed all those ingredients in to the betel leaf  which we requested the nice Sabahan waitress to teach us.

- Deep Fried Prawn (RM18.90) -

- Thai Iced Tea (RM12.00) -

 I didn't tried this, it was ordered by Meatball's friend. I bet it taste good too!

- Lemon Grass Tea (RM10.00 per pot) -

Awh~ I love this and I like the elephant figured pot too (same with my mom)! =D Refreshing taste of lemon grass flavour, quite smooth to drink with. Besides, perfect drink to soothes the HOT flavoured Thai Cuisine after having them.

- Asparagus with Prawns (RM19.90) and Pineapple Fried Rice (RM17.90) -

- Thick Tom Yum Celadon (RM22.90) -

I totally love this one! It was extremely HOT flavoured Tom Yum and made me mouth numb. So much of ingredients such as Oysters, Scallops, fresh prawn and more. Sad to say that I can't finish it because we ordered so much and if I could finish that Tom Yum, I WILL!

I hope that I could have the second try on my next trip to KL! AND I love Pavilion KL for shopping, Forever 21, Parkson, Tangs, The Loaf.. O_O

- Left below : Mango with Soft Shell Crabs (RM22.90) and most right above : Green Curry Beef (RM25.90) -

- Home made Tofu with Thai Sauce (RM16.90) -

Thai Sauce was HOT!! With the combination of soft Tofu, it was one spicy Tofu to have. WoW~ I did took away the Thai Sauce of the tofu and just took the tofu instead.

- Dessert @ RM11.90 each Coconut -
We shared 3 coconuts among five of us. Its a refreshing Thai styled dessert after our royal dinner! Our dessert combining Coconut Water with milk and filings, Jack fruits, chestnuts and more, it tasted simply refreshing. Not too sweet either, something special consisted in the dessert, the red one although look like watermelon, but it was not. hmm =/ I think it was the chestnut.

Satisfying dinner for five of us will be RM580.00 and we paid less than that after discount. Thanks to the nice manager. :)

One of the best selection for our dinner on our May 2011 trip (KL and Malacca). Didn't regret about it and Celadon Royal Thai Cuisine will be one my favourite in KL.

Location : 4th Floor, Pavilion KL.
Tel : 603-2148 8708

Friday, November 18, 2011

Greyson Chance Live in KK!

Held on Thursday night (17.11.2011) on 8.30pm at 1 Borneo, KK, Sabah!

- Greyson Chance performing Paparazzi -

I'm not there but Chloe did. :P She's the one who took the video UP FRONT!!

Greyson is so cute and talented at his young age, like him more than Bieber though. 

- Interview (photo credit to Chloe) -

Besides, check out his photos albums of happening in KK by Hit.FM KK (click)!

Till then~

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

【台湾游玩记】 So... Taiwan FINALLY!!

Hmm~ :/ I felt a little bored writing entries about Malaysia lately and lack of inspiration because of too much stress I guess, might as well I start my trip to Taiwan in details starting slowly now and then. ;)

I know you love it and I hope my readers would love them. :)

- The mascot family -

Remember I mentioned about Meatball Turtle, Pom Pom, Doggie, Ice Hippo? Few of us brought along all of them as companion during our August trip but :( my sister's friends forgot to bring along once or twice during our tour. Incomplete photo session for mascots. :(

Oh well~ I assumed all of us wake up before 4.00am and prepared ourselves for our exciting trip to Taiwan the other day.

- That's Taiwan from above -

Depart from KKIA Terminal 2 at 6.10am and we reached Tao Yuan Airport (臺灣桃園國際機場) at 9.25am which allow us to stay longer on the ground of Taiwan! :D

- Happy Mascots in a BAG! -

3 hours and 10 minutes which I managed to have short nap during the flight. :D Awake and pointless without doing anything and end up... Acting childish to express our excitement! And I still remember clearly the funniest action by Meatball with her friend's iphone which spinning 360 degree with it. -___-"

After 3 hours plus.....

- Selamat Datang ke TAIWAN! -

Welcome to Taiwan and we safely landed there. 

Can I express myself like the natives in the wall paper at the right? AHHHHHHHHH!!!!

- Mascot at Tao Yuan Airport -

Typical tourist to take photographs with those mascots at the airport after we have landed. Ignoring the driver whom Ice Hippo have booked, we just took a few photographs before leaving to our first destination. :)

- Pom Pom with Mascot -

I only assumed that the front thingy with smiley faces is the famous Taipei 101 with cartoon version.

- Driver -- CHECKED! -

Malaysian drives on the right while Taiwanese drives on the LEFT. And most of us keep forgotten about the door to enter the Van we have charted on our trip.

Our driver was a young Chinese guy with tidy attires that fetched us to and forth from Taipei and Taichung.

 - Buildings, Vehicles, Fast lane and Plantation at the middle of the City? -

 I see nothing but those. Besides, Taiwan's building are quite different from us, they were like... A BOX. Straight without a roof that connect from first floor with the second for double storey buildings. And I'm quite surprised when I saw rice cultivation a.k.a. Paddy Field in the middle of the city and between those flyovers.

It sort of like a new environment and in conclusion, Cultural Shock for a while. The people, the place and whatever.

- Godiva -

Hehehe ;) Godiva been friendly to me during my trip. I had the nicest ice cream from them too while I was visiting Taipei 101, the texture was creamy and smooth. Not to mention, pricey.

Finally after hours of journey from Taipei (台北) to Taichung (台中)...

- The FIRST destination to explore -

Taichung (台中). First impression of Taiwan for me is THOSE MOTORISTS ALL OVER THE PLACES like no bodies business.

We need to be extra careful when we are walking at district like Taichung. They drive like no direction which is freaking scary!

- The mascots were comfortably laid on the bed! -

When you see a bed, means WE HAVE REACHED THE HOTEL! And you know what? The mascots who take over the bed before us! :D

So, what next? 

The next will be for my readers to check it - exploration in Taichung. the foods and interesting places to visit! :P

Till then!

p/s : I had roughly done an overview on TaiChung (click here) and overview on TaiPei (click here) previously. No matter what, just stay updated by reading my blog for foods and trips at Taiwan in details!