Thursday, October 13, 2011

【马六甲游】 Visiting to Melaka Dutch Square a.k.a. Red Square!

After we had our nice walk around Jonker Street and tried the must know Chicken Rice Ball of Malacca, we walked to the Melaka Dutch Square which also known as The Red Square of Malacca.  

I still remember that I have visited there before when I was a child but I can't remember well what I did and had quite a blurry memory for me now. Anyway, we took our sweet time to look around the famous Red Square of Malacca while we were there.


- Just entering the famous Red building of Malacca -

Uncle Taxi drove us all the way from K.L. to Malacca (approximately within two hours) and he introduced to us about the red buildings and others which we might saw while we were on our way to our Hotel. Interesting and historical buildings that we have to conserve for our further generation to know more about the past.

A short introduction of the buildings for Melaka Dutch Square a.k.a. Red Square of Malacca. The square consist of Christ Church, Stadhuys, Youth Museum, Victoria Fountain, Red Clock Tower that you could see when you scroll further down. :)

- Windmill -  

It is normal to see windmill while walking at the Dutch area. 

- The well known Kedai Kopi Chung Wah 中华茶室 (海南鸡饭) -

Whether it is overrated or not, I'm not sure (didn't manage to try it especially with the long queue!). But, my friend who once work at KL before told me that we suppose to go to Chung Wah and not Famosa. :P Well, its okay, there's always a next trip while we are still young!

- River of Malacca -

There were river cruises along the river that I would love to bring my parents for a ride. However, sadly speaking I CAN'T FIND THE COUNTER FOR THE RIVER CRUISE!! 

Three of us walked from one end to the other and I didn't see counter for the river cruise! :( And in the end, I walked away feeling disappointed. :( And guess what I have told my parents : "We already complete the walk along the river and walked through those shops for foods and beverage (beers!), so, we have completed the walk lar?" LOL :D

- Interesting Beca -

Many years ago, we can't see these beautified Beca around Malacca. However, with many "operators" of Beca, definitely they have to find a way to earn a living!

- Stadhuys -

Along Stadhuys building, we can see many stalls selling souvenirs and other goods to all the tourists. :)

And the best thing to do is to buy an ICE CREAM to cool down the body heat (at least for a while). :)

- Stalls along Stadhuys Building -

Oh yea~ Before I forgot! Hats and caps selling in Malacca are so so cheap!!!! Less than RM20 can purchase a beautiful hat to wear already!

 - Christ Church Melaka -

A well known heritage for Malaysian and internationally I suppose.

- Interesting design of Beca -

And wait till you see Becaman!

- Becaman -

Hybrid type of beca with Bat man design. LOLOLOL! :D And you can't imagine what I have seen around Jonker area and my hotel, I saw Beca with BEE (the striped Honey Bee) and SCORPION design and they made me laugh so much!

- Victoria Fountain -

I like this nerdy photo of mine. O_O Even my friends love it! :P

Yea~ The Victoria Fountain is just behind of me and same to Chris Church too!!

- Red Clock Tower -

- Christ Church and Youth Museum -

Therefore, I have ended my walk at Melaka Dutch Square by visiting the surrounding of Dutch Square and not with the historical understanding tour inside the building. 

And as for further reading about the Red Square of Malacca, you might be interested in reading entries by mywisewife (click) which I have googled, for more photographs that I might not able to snap! :)

- River Cruise along Malacca River -

So much tourists took up the River Cruise tour. :(

Bye bye~

- Sam Shu Gong (三叔公) - 

:) That's my parents with blue umbrellas. And we were heading to Sam Shu Gong for a walk. I think everyone who have visited Malacca, definitely know that shop! :) Its aircond time for me!!

Happy weekend ya'll! Finally!! ;)


  1. Nice trip and of course in Malacca a lot of thing you can explore and discover especially the history and Nyonya Baba community....

  2. Is coffee really that good at Chung Wah Coffee Shop until people lining up? ;D Even got couple happily lining up, LOL.

    I always wanted to go to Christ Church Melaka. I see them a lot in text books when I was still young and INNOCENT. Wakakaa.

    Happy Friday Meitzeu!

  3. Miss Tina : Yes! Well said.

    Arms : Hmm~ Coffee... I'm not sure eh~ But, I heard they have awesome chicken rice balls la.

    Yea! Me too! Read all kinds of things about Malacca. :)

    Happy Weekend to both of you!


  5. LOLz! HOpe I will be going there again! Thank u for your info!! :)

  6. Malacca seems like one of the places in Malaysia remaining which still uses Becca as transportation. I don't think I've ever seen one in West Malaysia.