Sunday, October 23, 2011

That's my Sunday afternoon at De Patio, Habour City.

I think this is my so called "up to date" entry after me and meatball had a nice lunch/ afternoon tea.

Before we decided to go for a drink and lunch, I was sorting my documents and going to start my office pending assignments assigned which I've brought home, Meatball came to the study room of our house and complained that she can't work in her room! And it's because of unjustifiable Sunday dilemma of pending office works.  -_-"

Thinking hard where were we going for our lunch + afternoon tea and continue our unfinished work.

- Beef Burger (Below RM24.00) by De Patio, Habour City -

It wasn't my first visit to the restaurant though, previously I've been here with meatball and turned out to be an unofficial invited food review (Click).

But wait! It was actually my first attempt sitting in a restaurant to eat, drink and work until late evening and until there's no guests around. :S

As recommended by friend, the burger taste nice with flavoured patty meat and I've shared with meatball as our late lunch.

- Work work and WORK -

Laptop is essential for working out now-a-days.

After those food were finished, it was the time for WORK till late.

- Lychee Berry -

Unfortunately, their service today was a little disappointing whereby I've waited for quite a while (served after we have finished the Burger). Oh my, Lychee Berry was too sweet for me and I'm not a sweet tooth person anyway.

- Fried Squids and Fried Onion Rings -

In between of our work in hand, it's time for another snacks/ dinner in the late evening and we managed to see the day turned after dawn and rain was drizzling. 

Both of the dishes taste was okay, squids wasn't overcooked, which was good.

- 5.30pm -

From 3.30pm we were there and went home around 6.00pm.

Aww~ What a nice relaxing Sunday working environment to be at while our parents not in town and which we might not have to chance to do our pending jobs outside the house. :D

Sigh~ It's Monday again. I hope Monday will treat me nice and same to all my readers too! :)


  1. wow. The burger looks so big! Next time bring me chill there too =P

  2. Hi, nice meeting you thru' food buzz too. Your foodie blog looks interesting :) Thanks for dropping by to my bloggie :)


  3. nda penah lg pegi cni mkn..
    tp kalo d Sala Thai tue penah la..hehe

  4. Cutebun: Okay. :)

    Enniebelle : thank you! :)

    Panadol: Thai food sedap tak?

  5. Though I don't eat beef but you bet it looks yummy and that lychee drink too.

  6. i know that place but haven't got the chance to drop by..hehe. the burger looks deelish!

  7. Nava K : :) yes, burger was nice but Lychee too sweet oo~

    Aemy: Heheh :)Go and try when u have the chance. :)

  8. The burger looks nice, so does the onion rings.