Sunday, October 30, 2011

Sneak Peek on Preloved Treasure Hunt. :P


Too many things, too little time. 

:S Sort of like losing something without updating my blog for the past few days... I was busying with all kinds of stuffs which one of it was Preloved Treasure Hunt (click) by P.W.D.

- Partners in Crime for the Mini Bazaar  -

From left to right : Beverly from Take Another Step, me and Charlotte from Sugar Coated Lil Devil. was at the venue the night before to sort out our selling items.

- The Night Before -

We converted our selling items from this to...

- THIS -

Including some items on the tables provided.

The actual day came and a little sneak peek of the event below la! :P

- D.I.Y name cards from our Blog Shops -

Nice or not?

Its Closet Raid by Beverly and Candy Love Closet by me!

- Hair scalp screening -

- Part of the venue -

With Vendors, customers etc etc~ So much selection of pre-loved and New items. :)

Okay~ A little sneak peeks means little photographs to share.

Stay tuned for next entry about the actual happening event.

Till then!


  1. Nice Collections..
    I won't be able to release my beloved collections! LOL.. ^^

  2. wahhh so fun wor! it's been a while since i last met up with beverly. U girls looking good! :)

  3. hai...
    baru ja follow blog kamu...
    follow back my blog

  4. Okay... you girls better make sure there is an event going on when I'm back in Sabah at the end of november! hahaha

  5. Dewi : :) The old goes and new one come come.

    Clever munkey : Hehe :P Come KK and we go out and have a drink!

    Wayang : -_-

    Daniel : Can! But, the latest one will be on Decemberrrr!!!

    Small Kucing : Hehe :) Thank you! :)

  6. I love a good flea, but too bad this clashes with my lecture sessions last Saturday. If you don't mind me asking, how much did you pay for a mannequin like the black one up there?

  7. wow! this looks really like fun! :)

  8. Lady G : :( The event till around 8pm oo~~ Hehe :) THe mannequin belongs to Beverly, it cost within RM200.00 & might be cheaper. Btw, I saw mannequin selling at the sewing machine shop opposite Australian Place! :)

    Mika Aya : hehe :P Yup! Wait till the next post!