Wednesday, November 2, 2011

【沙巴游】 斗亚兰 : 白沙滩与椰汁布丁 Fun in Sabah : Road Trip to Karambunai - Smooth Coconut Pudding and White Sandy Beach

It was my first attempt to have a drink at the stall located some where outskirt of K.K. and especially BESIDE THE ROAD...

Meatball (click) and I managed to bring our relative, Teresa from Canada, of ty: live to travel (click) who have traveled few countries before she landed in K.K. last month to try the silky smooth Coconut Pudding and visiting to Karambunai for the white sandy beach. As for local here, definitely they know where are those stalls located! (Along the way to Salut and Gayang Seafood Restaurant). And at one thought, we almost get lost on our way. :S

- Coconut Pudding -

There's many Coconut Puddings selling at restaurants in town, but the one along the roadway are the best!! Once in a while, when possible, meatball and Terence will buy one or two and I EAT THOSE!! NYahahaha :D Sharing of course.

- The stall that we had visited on our road trip -

Nice stall to sit at with open air concept and we didn't felt uncomfortable with the heat out there.

- The list of beverages and dessert they offered daily -

- Normal young Coconuts and Roasted Coconuts -

From the information I have been told that Roasted Coconut "Kelapa Bakar" (in Malay language) is good for health, related to low sugar consumption of it.

Interesting not? And it's a must TRY! Not to worry about the Roasted smell when we drink.

- Coconut Pudding in containers -

Never tried those coconut puddings served with containers thought. The difference are the various flavours that we can have! Corn, Pandan, Mangoes, Yam and Original flavour.

- SLURP!! -

Teresa felt refreshed after having those Coconuts! Mmmm~~~ Yummy!

- Me and Teresa -

Awesome travel journey of hers within 70 days from the start until her trips in Sabah. :) Love reading her blog which flooded with images.

After a short break, we continued our road trip to.....

- Karambunai Beach! -

Illegally drove in to chalet compound to see the best view of the Bay/ Beach.

Unpolluted beach area for sure, compared with cleanliness of Tanjung Aru Beach in town, there's far difference.

- Clear Sky and White Sandy Beach -

Took a deep breath at the beach and three of us camwhored before we leaved that beautiful beach! Teresa told us that in Canada, their can't find such a beach, their beach is covered with rocks. -_- That's not a good sign for a beach. No wonder Ang Mo love our tropical lifestyle here. :)

Completed our mission of having our nice dessert and visiting to Karambunai beach and Lagoon Park, we make a move and bringing Teresa to try our local tea session! Dumplings and Satays and meet up with my parents!!! 



  1. i've been going there since like forever! the whole family loves the pudding there. :)

    karambunai beach is really pretty :)
    i've only been there once. that was a very long time ago.

  2. I love going to the beach! Me and some friends always go Gayang there (coz my previous office were there) and eat kerang bakar *slurps~ oh lord, can't eat so much these days *sobs. But I'd go for coconut anytime :)

  3. Woww looks so pretty! I want to go there to visit one day ^ ^

  4. Oh Hi Teresa... I'm Daniel... Nice to meet you too :D

  5. Nice pictures.
    I am really love pudding. The pudding must be delicious kan hihi.. Karambunai is the best place to visit. Will bring family soon.. ;)

  6. Miki : Yes~ Karambunai beach are beautiful and the same to other beaches here too! ;)

    Maslight: Come~ Coconut trip! :P

    Nana : Anytime!

    Daniel : LOLZZ

    Stella : Sure~ They will love it for sure! For activities, go to their lagoon park!!

  7. Syahrin : Yup! Told you, we all love that!! :D

  8. Btw, I think I'm going Canada soon, it's in the planning process... Mind if I have your number please? Just in case I need a tour guide in Canada...

    Haha... Happy Friday Meitzeu!

  9. Wow I loved to see the white sandy beach...very clean....and the blue sea water really awesome !

  10. Daniel : Hmm :S

    Miss Tina: hehehe :) Glad you love it!!