Monday, October 31, 2011

#PrayForKK (31st October, 2011) - KK Tragedy on Halloween Day :'(

#PrayFor KK

It happened all in a sudden. No one expected it to happen.

From genuine sources, there's few people injured and no death occurs. 

A short video to show how scary was our Halloween Day on Kota Kinabalu, Sabah when our train crashed an oil tank near Shell Oil Station and at the railway on the way at Putatan area (towards Terminal 1 airport).

The sky was dark from the place I saw when I was on my way going home from Lintas area. Dark clouds all over Kepayan area. :( And I even smelt the haze when I reached home. My heart wrenched. :(

The incident were all over Facebook timeline and Twitter timeline of mine after I have surfed the net at home (my blackberry was "playing" with me when I wanted to check the news). :( Made me feeling sad and feeling helpless beside praying and wishing all victims were safe. 

Yes~ Its raining cats and dogs justnow, maybe the sky was feeling sad too...

No matter what, I really wonder who should we blame...


  1. susah juga ni kan?? heran,tiba2 buli berlaku.. banyak juga rumors yang tersebar tu..

  2. Oh my god!!! thats awful!

    And on halloween they have the casualty count up yet?

    I'm sure theres enough blame to go around but there will never be enough to undo what just happened. People should focus more on helping the families who lost their loved ones. Love is always better than hate x)

  3. May their soul RIP and may God bless them to :-(

  4. I read in the news that some of the passengers were still missing. Hope that no one was sacrificed in this tragedy.

    Me and my friends were talking about going on a train ride just recently, after this we were definitely rethinking our plans.