Tuesday, October 4, 2011

【杜拜游】 Day Trip in Dubai - Emirates Airport

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Even though time passes by day by day, I still remember some or most of the important memory that I went through before (especially refreshing my mind with the past entries I had wrote.).

I still remember I had waited for the midnight to come to board on a plane from KLIA to Manchester during 2008 to further my studies. :)

The flight we took for hours and hours before, although the time we took were long but in the end, we were happy that we were safely reached a place called Emirates Airport (for transit) and Manchester airport (University Shutter Bus fetched us from there). With approximately 13 hours in flight.

 - KLIA -

We boarded on that Emirates airplane, a really huge one. :)

- Seats with entertainment -

So much selection of movies from animation, Bollywood, Hollywood etc etc, musics, games for us during the flight, without them, we will be awfully bored like hell.


- Animation!! -

One of my favorite is to watch cartoons~ especially by Disney, I don't know why but I do love them since I was a child and could watch them over and over again. :)

- Its DINNER time! -

Hours of flight made me confused about the time, when I was suppose to eat. -___- All the things we do were sleep, eat and keep our eye on the screen and ears on the ear loops. So am I hungry, just EAT! Not feeling hungry? Just say No thanks (because they served one meal within few hours).

And food served by Emirates airlines is well known as the best on board meals. :)


- This is CHOCOLATE -

After six (6) hours of flight from KL to Dubai, finally me and my friend reached Emirates Airport.

And guess what was the first thing we do when we reached inside the airport?!

We rushed to the washroom to BRUSH OUR TEETH!!! So gross with hours without brushing teeth and keeps eating and sleeping. EWWWW~~~


- Emirates Airport -

Extremely HUGE with airplanes here and there. Furthermore, without the Shutter transportation, our foot will be broken by that time. :D We were in a ride from one end to the other to reach inside the airport.

Here's some photographs which I had selected to share here while I took all the photographs during our 4 hours transits (going to Manchester, UK and back to Malaysia) :-

- FOOD -

- Emirates First Class Lounge -

- So, are you going to sleep there? -

It is normal to see passengers sleeping in the airport. Waiting for transit or saving bucks on the hotel stay.

 - Welcome to Emirates Airport -

- Crowded outlets -

- Cam whore with the crowd below while waiting for our time to enter the boarding hall -

  - Souvenirs from Dubai -

4 hours of transit in Emirates airport passed within blinks and flying off to the next destination. :(

How could I be that stupid and all because of this boyfriend thingy, I let my chance of visiting Dubai personally ran off just like that?? 

Sigh~ Hopefully I could visit that place again and not only the beautiful airport. :)

- Waiting for boarding... again.. -


- Starry starry night -

Such a peaceful "scenery" with starry roof in the airplane and yawn~ its time for sleep to prevent from jet lagged. :) (We need to sleep a lot while we could during our flight to prevent ourselves from jet lagging when we reached another new environment/ place).

- View of Dubai from above -

Amazingly, the view down there were so beautiful and I saw all kinds of patterns/ lights (lousy quality of my previous camera which I do not know how to get it right -_-)

From Dubai to Manchester, UK, it took at least another seven (7) hours and a half  to reach Manchester.

- Hello Morning~ -

I don't think I slept a lot or maybe I did. :S I managed to see the Sun rising and it was beautiful, especially looking down from the window.

- Breakfast! -


- Morning Sunrise view in the middle of the flight from Dubai to Manchester, UK -

Aww~~ I'm missing my studies there once again. Sad life. :(

Bye KL, Bye Dubai and HELLO UK!

And after months....

- Bye UK, bye Dubai, bye KL and Hello Kota Kinabalu during September 2008 -

Back to Kota Kinabalu, Sabah after few months of studies and hours of waiting outside the boarding hall of KLIA alone... 

 Oh my~ that's all for the flight tour here.

Have a great days ahead to all my readers!


  1. Wow!!Emirates Airport such of huge...like Shopping Mall too and very crowd....



  3. i enjoyed this post.. reminds me of the time where i took emirates from UK to Dubai and back to KLIA..

    gotta love the starry ceiling.. i simply love flying in a plane.. haha.. i have the pictures but till today (almost 2 years already), i've yet to write about it.. :)

  4. Nice trip and such an experience it must been.

  5. Miss Tina: Yea~ Dubai is famous for shopping goodiess especially the branded ones.

    Daniel: Wahhhhhh~~~~

    Ken: Thank you. :) I love to look back the past travel I've done. Glad I made you enjoying my write ups. LOLz! Love to fly eh~ hehe

    Cutebun: totally!!

    Nave K : Yea~ Very nice to experience such. :)

  6. Thanks for dropping in my blog, too. I've been reading yours, Hayden's and Beverly's for quite a while now. I only just started blogging a month ago :)

    Thansk again.

  7. Aaww~~~ Sound sweet and yea! I got one supporter I know here! :) THank u and welcome to blogging life! :)