Tuesday, October 11, 2011

【马六甲吃】 古城鸡饭粒 Lunch at Famosa Chicken Rice Ball, Jonker Street

They told us that we must go and eat the famous Chicken Rice Ball during our trip to Malacca.

Yes, we did tried the Chicken Rice Ball as our lunch by one of the shop in town.

- Famosa Chicken Rice Ball (古城鸡饭粒)-

- Queuing up to place order -

- Famosa Chicken Rice Ball (古城鸡饭粒)-

I was walking with both of my parents and I saw few shop carrying the same name around Jonker Street, therefore, a perception of mine the shop might be famous and having tasty Chicken Rice Ball to eat.

- The Drinks -

Yea~ Went in to the restaurant and had a seat, ordered our Chicken Rice ball and other additional dishes.

Nothing to say much about the drinks, it just a mixture of syrup which I felt like drinking plain cold water with a bit taste in it. :(

- The Roasted Chicken -

- The legendary Chicken Rice Ball -

Well, we were a bit disappointed with the Chicken Rice Ball during our lunch and I think my aunt who is originally from China can make even better rice balls! Yummy!!! My mom was laughing when I said that!

- The outlet which we had our lunch -

I don't know why, but I saw many photographs of  movie stars together with the person in charge of any stalls, hawkers, restaurant especially and etc. Indirectly, promoting their business we may see.

My lunch was okay for that day, but I'm kind of sad that I didn't went to the correct shop for Chicken Rice Ball. :( And Shhh~~~ They told me that (after I came back to KK), we suppose to  go to Chung Hwa which located next to the river of Malacca and the Red Buildings area for the exotic Chicken Rice Ball! But.... we have to wait for a LONG QUEUE!! :D

Ohh~ Malacca~ I miss your Cendol!


  1. the roasted chicken here looks so much better than the one i had.. still think rice balls are overrated :P

  2. almost 4 years im in KL and never been to melaka yet. hahaha i know its lame XD going there soon =) i hope

  3. Ken : Yea~ OVERRATED!!!

    Daniel : -__-" Must go la!

  4. Looks tempting, esp the roasted chicken though I have not tried the chicken balls before.

  5. :) Hmm~ The roasted Chicken was okay (so so) for me. :D Go and try it when you visit there. :)

  6. Never had chicken rice balls before, why didn't we have stuff like that in Sabah? We have Penang Char Kuay Teow or Ipoh Hor Fun, I'm surprise there weren't any businessman who has thought of introducing Malacca Chicken rice balls here.

  7. Farmosa chicken rice ball shop at Jalan Bendahara behind Renaissance Hotel is RACIST. I enter about 8pm on29Dec12 and asking if they still accept order,and i order accordinly.About 10 minute later two young chinese couple enter. Their food arrive,but mine never arrive. I call waiter asking my order n why take so long, stupid waiter ask me back what i order. After they checking and comeback say food finish. If finish why they still take my order n why people who coming later than me they can serve. Is this because I dont speak chinese n look like Malay? So dont ever ever go to this place if you dont want to be humilited. Muabe they think I dont have enough money to pay my order. Very bad services.