Friday, October 7, 2011

A lil updates & Facebook PAGE!... Finally.

Was busying with workload and doesn't feeling well lately. Just tired for days~

Nothing to say much tonight, but maybe the day after tomorrow. 

Was celebrating dad's birthday on the 6th and uncle's on the 7th, so ended with tiring eyes and tiring mind after a day of work. :(

Ehem** Glad to say that finally I have created a facebook page for my latest updates in blog and foodies that I found interesting or interesting places I've went.

Do click "like" on the page if you like my updates and stay tuned for more interesting updates about foods, travel and surrounding facts I've attempted.

I won't call it as a FAN PAGE, but for me, it's a page to update my readers on all the interesting factors I've tried in food hunting, travel, adventures and events. 

- Photo albums - 

I will be uploading more public photographs here, which I can share them openly with everyone (I think there will be photographs that I may not featured in my blog entries. :) Non the least, private photos still remained in my personal account. :)

Created another page in my blog under "MY PAGES! :)" to ease food hunters to search for food at different places, especially Kota Kinabalu, Sabah of ours.

That's all about me and NOW --

I think I've influence some of my friends to start blogging and they even asked me some question regarding it too. So, new bloggers in "TOWN" :

A friend/ far relative of mine who love photography 


Yee Yee from "Beautiful Journey"

A colleague of mine who love handmade goodies. :)

Have a look in their blog, definitely they will feel warm having such a nice welcome! :)

It's weekend!! Yay!! I'm happy and finally I have time to rest a bit. Good day all! ;)


  1. Great job! I can see many people support your facebook page. That's a good thing.

    No features me in KK bloggers page ahh? Hahaha..Just kidding (thick face 1 me :P)

  2. finally meitzeu! You made your page ady.. :)

    Going to visit the 2 blogs you recommended.. :)

  3. Nice~ keep on rockin' with the mouth watering food pics :P

  4. Keep up the good work and let's support each other...:-)

  5. I know how that feels, sometimes work gets us really tired you don't feel like doing anything at all. Have a good rest, looking forward for a new post soon.

  6. Diana: LOLzz! U reminded me we do a pix taken together! :)

    Germaine: Supported you page!! :)

    Rungitom: :) Yea! My favourite to make readers hungry!

    Miss TIna: I will! Yea! I clicked on your fb page too!

    Lady G: THank you for the understandable words. :) Most of them just thought we are not kind enough to talk to them. One word :Exhausted.:) Happy weekend to you! :)