Saturday, October 8, 2011

CLOSED - Having afternoon tea at Boutique Cupcakes after shopping!

Note : This cafe is no more in operation. (Updated on October, 2012)

Me, my sister (meatball) and her friend were searching for Silver dresses around town for weeks. 

During one fine Saturday afternoon, between our mission of searching for Silver dresses to wear as Sisters on their best friend's/ friend's wedding (which I have invitation too), we went to have a short afternoon tea session at Boutique Cupcakes, City Mall.

- Tea selection -

I can't recall what I had, but I don't really favour it much. Weird taste I had after all these years. :S

- King's Omelet served with Vege Salad and Potatoes Crackers -

Quite a large portion served and we shared among us! :) It taste quite okay.

- That's me with small eyes :P -

- Boutique Cupcakes Leaflet -

- Ciabatta Bread with Tuna -

Large portion with so much Tuna fillings!

- Lemon Meringue Tart -

The white foam was hard, and that's meringue. Neh~ I like creamy type of tarts, but not this.

- Coffee-Addict Cupcake -

Varieties of Cupcakes to be selected, and we chose Coffee-addict.

Generous ingredient added into the cupcakes and serving their customer well with the savouring flavour to have. 

FYI, there's 50% for all items at the counter after 9.00pm daily! Noticed it when I was at City Mall during my dad birthday few days ago while I was having my hot chocolate and ice cream at Vedablu. Thus, I bought one as my breakfast for the next morning (pic here).

Yea~ Another afternoon tea I like without worries. However, I love more of my previous visit over there (click here).

City Mall, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.

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  1. Wow. I didn't know City Mall got a boutique cafe! The cupcakes looks so yummy!

  2. yea! The cupcake was nice~ All kinds of cupcakes offered too. I love lemon blast! keke :D GO and have a try on your next visit to KK!

  3. aweee the food, omg I'm starving now. the cupcake looks superb <33

  4. yea! It looks certainly superb! :) And taste too!

  5. The Lemon Meringue Tart and Coffee Cupcake looks so tempting and well decorated make everyone mouth watering...must try when I visit KK.thanks for sharing and info.

  6. I was there too. I meant City Mall.

  7. The King's Omelet and Lime Meringue tart looks sooo tempting. Not so fond of tuna, however. I ate so much tuna at one point of my life, I get a bit phobic from it now, LOL.