Wednesday, October 26, 2011

【马六甲游】 Melaka - Evening Walk at Jonker Street! Awesome Food Street!

After a short rest at the hotel and recharged all the energy we used before, we continued our next must do mission. Once again, Jonker Street Night Market to be explored and it is a whole day street market during weekend!

Hawkers serving nice and cheap food, stalls selling cheap and average goodies and more. Non the less, the antiques and famous painted slippers selling around.

- Walk walk walk -

Three of us explored Malacca by foot. Walking by foot and trip with parents, it only allowed us to visit limited tourists spots and in the end, I only managed to explore Jonker Street area most of the time.

It is still nice walking free and easy without worrying to much with the places which we are going to visit anyway.

- Jonker Walk -

-_-" Dad took my photo for me which I thought he can't took the whole main entrance with me in it. :(

- Jonker Walk -

I really in doubt with the Chinese wordings of 鸡场街文化坊, why it was named "Chicken Farm Street Cultural Zone" (direct translation) and why Jonker? HMm :S

- The Stage -

A permanent stage for people to enjoy their Karaoke with a little fee charged for each song they are singing. And you know what? I actually sit there with my parents to listen the songs they were singing and surprisingly mom met her business rival (long time ago and let the past left behind) at the audience area. He even sang a song or two at the stage and he enjoy that since long time ago! :D

Aww~ Malacca having such Chinese culture and that is a good practice to pass on to the next generation. :')


Oh well~ Cut the story short and see for more photographs shown here! :)

- Beaded Nyonya Slippers -

- Geographer Cafe -

- The day getting dark -

I walked from one end to the other and I realised that some or most of the market sellers were actually the same person we saw during the day (click) but they have shifted themselves to another place along the street.

In fact, along Jonker Walk, there's varieties of foods and fashionable goodies can be purchased and we only need to worry about our money, whether enough to spend or not. :D

- Walked into a small street for foods! -

And mom actually remember the cheap Japanese food she had before and OMG! So much food to choose and I don't know what to eat.

- Nom Nom time -

In the end, Sushi is my choice. If I'm not mistaken, the whole plate of sushi cost RM18.00 ONLY for two pax!! Cheap or not?

:) That's my dad busying with his noodles, he adores Malacca foods and you can't imagine how he love Malacca food. Gosh!

- The Stage -

A concept just like the Opera Stage like olden days for public to enjoy the music and performance. So many elderly I tell you. And mom said that she thinks she saw Singaporean movie Star as one of the audience there sitting behind. :) 

Anything could happen in this famous Malaysia travel state and same to other places too. :) Did I told you my sister's BFF went to Paris and she saw Louise Koo (古天乐) over there and a friend of mine even met Tom Cruise at Italy during his shooting for latest Mission Impossible movie! AWWESOOMMEEE!!

- Jonker Walk Night Market -

Oh well~ We walked back to the hotel after we enjoyed those performance for a while and we even dropped by a restaurant for CENDOL again!

The same phrase I wanted to say, I still prefer Jonker 88's Cendol! :P

Mom enjoyed herself buying decorations of the small wooden flats and Feng Shui decorations while dad busy searching for local delicacies. -_- And as for me.... BUSYING CHIK CHAK CHIK CHAK with my camera and trying local food too. :)
That's all for today, 

Happy Deepavali and Happy Holiday to you all!


  1. you took such nice photos of Jonker Walk!

  2. By looking at your post in Malacca, I really wish can go there someday. The foods looks so yummy.(:

  3. Its been a long time I since my visit to Malacca. I can the many changes this place has gone through. I have to agree that street food does taste wonderful. Been asking my hubby to bring to Malacca and hopefully it will take happen soon.

  4. Happy holiday to you too!!! xD Omg jonker street has changed so much since the last time I'm been there! I can't wait to go again, why didn't you sing? ;)

  5. At first I read: Sushi cost RM800... no,no, it was RM1800... holly cow, 4 digit price for street side sushi?!! And then I squint a bit more and saw that it's RM18.00 instead. LOL, I need thicker spectacles.

    Everything looks great, it seems that there are lots of good and cheap food in Malacca.

  6. Arlen : Yea! THe food are nice over there. A little survey and you can find the nicest delicacies. :)

    Nava K : Visit Malacca again! A worthy trip you will have! :)

    Pumpkin : lolzz... don't want to sing la~ later paiseh ooo.. :P

    Lady G: LOLzzz :D Yea~ Compared to our, their food are cheap!

  7. Ken : Me miss Jonker 88 now... :)

  8. Sushi for RM18 ONLY for 2 pax??? Seriously..Even during Sushi King RM2 Bonanza also can't get this price lah..Damn cheap.. I spotted my favourite sushi - Inari & Maki!

    Now I want go hunt for sushi again. Hahaha...

  9. Yayaya! I check liao~ Its RM18 for 2 person!
    hehehe :P

  10. i have been to jonker for so many times yet i didnt see any opera shows. and i went overseas without meeting any celebrities, i guess ur sis and friend are super lucky? hahas!

  11. The stage: Show sponsored by Mamee ;D

    Om nom nom nom. Seriously, it's 1am and after going through the foods here, my stomach growling. Wakakaa.

    Happy Saturday Meitzeu!

  12. Fascinating photos and well taken night pictures too! We've been to Melaka a number of times.

    Duncan In Kuantan

  13. Omg, looks like an awesome place. Must go Malacca one day! :D

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