Sunday, October 16, 2011

Albert Dock, Liverpool, UK - During the Day, During the Night.

I always have an perception that... 

The view during the night with all the neon lights and whatever lighting blinking are spectacular from a far while the view during the day, we could see even clearer view of the city and moreover, any part of the world with our open wide eyes.

Shall I conclude that scenery of both during the day and night are simply great with their own way, especially when it's around great cities on this earth?

- Albert Dock, Liverpool -

Refreshed my mind a little bit before I started this entry, well, Albert Dock is a famous tourist attraction for us and my university's friends were telling me about this place (with photographs shared with me) where statue such as Elvis Prestley, The Beatles' Museum and some other attractions when I just reached Liverpool back in 2008.

To know more information about Albert Dock, you might want to check out their website, HERE!

- Yellow Duck -

It's a boat with wheels!

- Yellow Duck -

Just like the words stated on Yellow Duck, its operate from 11.00am around Liverpool City. And I still remember that once in a while, I might bump into Yellow Duck after my classes and when it honk, it goes with RHYTHM!

Very interesting right? If I'm not mistaken, Singapore do have Yellow Duck too!

Few of us wanted to have a ride, but in the end of our Summer Program... Nay~ We didn't hop in to it yet.

- Vessels -

I'm not sure whether those ships still uses by the people, but I did took some photographs with it once, while I was having a midnight walk with my friends. :D

Btw, I do met a few hilarious Ang Mo who thought we were from China (they thought Chinese only come from Sabah, despite on our roots) -_- and I remembered once that another Ang Mo was bowing to us and keep saying "Konochiwa!", but I didn't realise what he said until my friend told me. -_- Super awkward!

All kinds of funny situations that we had encounter. :D Those were the days.... A walk during the night, having ice cream in the middle of the cold night at the bus stop, and its freaking COLD!!! I was shivering and my teeth was "gggggg".

- The Pumphouse -

- That's Liverpool City -

- The Old Dock -

There were words stating about it, but i can't remember what was it for actually... However, I only remembered that people in the olden days do go deep down in there!

It was DARK in there.

- The Old Dock -

We saw the above while we passed by Liverpool 1 and while we were on our way to Albert Dock during the night. 

- Lambananas -

FYI, each and every Lambananas (a mascot of cultural year for Liverpool 2008) in town have their own name!

- Here we reached Albert Dock -


- Entering Albert Dock -

- The vessels for us to see at Albert Dock -

- The Liverpool Clock -

- Merseyside Maritime Museum -

Huge anchor to represent MARITIME!

- Piece of Art that we show while window shopping at Albert Dock -

- I love CANDIES! I want CANDIES! -

- Nice items we could see over there -

- And to end the post, that's Albert Dock and me -

:) I hope that my "project" of re-blogging with new entries for my journey in UK will interest you much! My old entries back in 2008 just sucks and much with photographs only. 

Sharing my life and experience are what I do best now! 


Location :
River Mersey, Liverpool, UK.


  1. Oh my~ I just finish edit my UK photo for my next updated post. You also blog back about UK. Looks like both of us really miss during our study time in UK.

  2. LOLz! :D Sometimes I felt both of us have the same thoughts towards new posts! Very the funny lor. :D What a coincidence!! Few times already, even the previous post which related personal entry. :) Nice right? :P

  3. the yellow ducks looks funny... i've never been to UK before so i really hope i can go there someday. Thanks for sharing! :)

  4. LOLz! Yea~ Yellow Duck was funny to me when I first saw it! ;)

  5. been there for 3 days 2 nights.. enjoyable :)

  6. I'm really fascinated with those boats with wheels. Did you get a ride on those? Must be interesting when at one point your in sea and then go back on land again.

    We need stuff like that between Sabah and Labuan. LOLs.

  7. hehe :) Good point!

    If we know the big people, we might have a chance to propose to them!

  8. Neh~ I didn't have the chance to have a ride on it. :(