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Monday, October 31, 2011

#PrayForKK (31st October, 2011) - KK Tragedy on Halloween Day :'(

#PrayFor KK

It happened all in a sudden. No one expected it to happen.

From genuine sources, there's few people injured and no death occurs. 

A short video to show how scary was our Halloween Day on Kota Kinabalu, Sabah when our train crashed an oil tank near Shell Oil Station and at the railway on the way at Putatan area (towards Terminal 1 airport).

The sky was dark from the place I saw when I was on my way going home from Lintas area. Dark clouds all over Kepayan area. :( And I even smelt the haze when I reached home. My heart wrenched. :(

The incident were all over Facebook timeline and Twitter timeline of mine after I have surfed the net at home (my blackberry was "playing" with me when I wanted to check the news). :( Made me feeling sad and feeling helpless beside praying and wishing all victims were safe. 

Yes~ Its raining cats and dogs justnow, maybe the sky was feeling sad too...

No matter what, I really wonder who should we blame...

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Sneak Peek on Preloved Treasure Hunt. :P


Too many things, too little time. 

:S Sort of like losing something without updating my blog for the past few days... I was busying with all kinds of stuffs which one of it was Preloved Treasure Hunt (click) by P.W.D.

- Partners in Crime for the Mini Bazaar  -

From left to right : Beverly from Take Another Step, me and Charlotte from Sugar Coated Lil Devil. was at the venue the night before to sort out our selling items.

- The Night Before -

We converted our selling items from this to...

- THIS -

Including some items on the tables provided.

The actual day came and a little sneak peek of the event below la! :P

- D.I.Y name cards from our Blog Shops -

Nice or not?

Its Closet Raid by Beverly and Candy Love Closet by me!

- Hair scalp screening -

- Part of the venue -

With Vendors, customers etc etc~ So much selection of pre-loved and New items. :)

Okay~ A little sneak peeks means little photographs to share.

Stay tuned for next entry about the actual happening event.

Till then!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

【马六甲游】 Melaka - Evening Walk at Jonker Street! Awesome Food Street!

After a short rest at the hotel and recharged all the energy we used before, we continued our next must do mission. Once again, Jonker Street Night Market to be explored and it is a whole day street market during weekend!

Hawkers serving nice and cheap food, stalls selling cheap and average goodies and more. Non the less, the antiques and famous painted slippers selling around.

- Walk walk walk -

Three of us explored Malacca by foot. Walking by foot and trip with parents, it only allowed us to visit limited tourists spots and in the end, I only managed to explore Jonker Street area most of the time.

It is still nice walking free and easy without worrying to much with the places which we are going to visit anyway.

- Jonker Walk -

-_-" Dad took my photo for me which I thought he can't took the whole main entrance with me in it. :(

- Jonker Walk -

I really in doubt with the Chinese wordings of 鸡场街文化坊, why it was named "Chicken Farm Street Cultural Zone" (direct translation) and why Jonker? HMm :S

- The Stage -

A permanent stage for people to enjoy their Karaoke with a little fee charged for each song they are singing. And you know what? I actually sit there with my parents to listen the songs they were singing and surprisingly mom met her business rival (long time ago and let the past left behind) at the audience area. He even sang a song or two at the stage and he enjoy that since long time ago! :D

Aww~ Malacca having such Chinese culture and that is a good practice to pass on to the next generation. :')


Oh well~ Cut the story short and see for more photographs shown here! :)

- Beaded Nyonya Slippers -

- Geographer Cafe -

- The day getting dark -

I walked from one end to the other and I realised that some or most of the market sellers were actually the same person we saw during the day (click) but they have shifted themselves to another place along the street.

In fact, along Jonker Walk, there's varieties of foods and fashionable goodies can be purchased and we only need to worry about our money, whether enough to spend or not. :D

- Walked into a small street for foods! -

And mom actually remember the cheap Japanese food she had before and OMG! So much food to choose and I don't know what to eat.

- Nom Nom time -

In the end, Sushi is my choice. If I'm not mistaken, the whole plate of sushi cost RM18.00 ONLY for two pax!! Cheap or not?

:) That's my dad busying with his noodles, he adores Malacca foods and you can't imagine how he love Malacca food. Gosh!

- The Stage -

A concept just like the Opera Stage like olden days for public to enjoy the music and performance. So many elderly I tell you. And mom said that she thinks she saw Singaporean movie Star as one of the audience there sitting behind. :) 

Anything could happen in this famous Malaysia travel state and same to other places too. :) Did I told you my sister's BFF went to Paris and she saw Louise Koo (古天乐) over there and a friend of mine even met Tom Cruise at Italy during his shooting for latest Mission Impossible movie! AWWESOOMMEEE!!

- Jonker Walk Night Market -

Oh well~ We walked back to the hotel after we enjoyed those performance for a while and we even dropped by a restaurant for CENDOL again!

The same phrase I wanted to say, I still prefer Jonker 88's Cendol! :P

Mom enjoyed herself buying decorations of the small wooden flats and Feng Shui decorations while dad busy searching for local delicacies. -_- And as for me.... BUSYING CHIK CHAK CHIK CHAK with my camera and trying local food too. :)
That's all for today, 

Happy Deepavali and Happy Holiday to you all!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Preloved Treasure Hunt - This Saturday KK Shopaholics!!

Happening this Saturday, 29th October, 2011.

Loving vintage items and beautiful pre-loved and NEW clothes, come and join us for the fun KK people!

And experience your shopping at the ROOFTOP of Imperial International Hotel at Warisan Square and enjoy the breath taking view of KK City from up there!!

- The Banner -

Yup! No worry, there will be new items for your treasure hunting too! YAY!!

And do view the EVENT PAGE by Pretty Wild Diva to know more about the event!

- The Direction -

Just walk in to the hotel, get the lift and press button No. 10! Our Preloved Treasure Hunt is located at Aisha Hall!!

- Map Direction -

In case you don't know where is Imperial International Hotel located. :P

- Candy Love Closet -

:) I will be there, so do drop by at my booth to have a look!! Click HERE to have a sneak peek on items you could find over there and gosh, there will be more selection at the event held too!

Hey~ Share about this event and 


Sunday, October 23, 2011

That's my Sunday afternoon at De Patio, Habour City.

I think this is my so called "up to date" entry after me and meatball had a nice lunch/ afternoon tea.

Before we decided to go for a drink and lunch, I was sorting my documents and going to start my office pending assignments assigned which I've brought home, Meatball came to the study room of our house and complained that she can't work in her room! And it's because of unjustifiable Sunday dilemma of pending office works.  -_-"

Thinking hard where were we going for our lunch + afternoon tea and continue our unfinished work.

- Beef Burger (Below RM24.00) by De Patio, Habour City -

It wasn't my first visit to the restaurant though, previously I've been here with meatball and turned out to be an unofficial invited food review (Click).

But wait! It was actually my first attempt sitting in a restaurant to eat, drink and work until late evening and until there's no guests around. :S

As recommended by friend, the burger taste nice with flavoured patty meat and I've shared with meatball as our late lunch.

- Work work and WORK -

Laptop is essential for working out now-a-days.

After those food were finished, it was the time for WORK till late.

- Lychee Berry -

Unfortunately, their service today was a little disappointing whereby I've waited for quite a while (served after we have finished the Burger). Oh my, Lychee Berry was too sweet for me and I'm not a sweet tooth person anyway.

- Fried Squids and Fried Onion Rings -

In between of our work in hand, it's time for another snacks/ dinner in the late evening and we managed to see the day turned after dawn and rain was drizzling. 

Both of the dishes taste was okay, squids wasn't overcooked, which was good.

- 5.30pm -

From 3.30pm we were there and went home around 6.00pm.

Aww~ What a nice relaxing Sunday working environment to be at while our parents not in town and which we might not have to chance to do our pending jobs outside the house. :D

Sigh~ It's Monday again. I hope Monday will treat me nice and same to all my readers too! :)

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Love to Shop at Shopaholic's Bazaar in K.K.!!!


Finally I'm updating my blog with the Shopaholic's Bazaar happened during July 2011 by Pretty.Wild.Diva. (PWD) (click to "like" it and stay updated if you love to shop for vintage and modern items and happens to be a Sabahan!)

- Shopaholic's Bazaar. Where fashion lovers come together -


Non the less, I have actually gained a little experience as a Vendor (although it was sharing with new friends/ bloggers around) with my bare hand. :)

- :D -

Together sharing space with Beverly from Closet Raid, Charlotte from City Chic in Wild Wilderness and Titi (a new friend of mine and nice talking to her!).

Hehe :P I know... The rack on the left is much "attractive" and messy  on that day, people searching nice dresses from first piece to the last. 

Okay~ The next will be snap shots from Vendors' stalls and interesting activities that PWD brainstormed of!

- Necklaces -

- Dresses, Top and Bottoms -

Searching for vintage goodies, high street fashions goodies and etc - ALL IN ONE BAZAAR!

- The crowd -

Meeting up with vintage lovers were so much fun and FYI, most of them were nice and a sweet girl felt so happy when she found a nice vintage top from my Closet. :P Aww~~ I felt the same when she was happy! :)

- Accessories and what so ever -

Besides, clothes for ladies, we saw clothes for children, shoes for fashion savvy, fashion hunters, i-phone casing for i-phone lovers and MORE!

TOO MUCH TO MENTION, which I can't actually remember what they have.

- On going Activities -

- SPCA -

Told you the event was great for three days consecutively, which I have attended on Saturday and Sunday only.

**All photos above were photo courtesy of Beverly!**

- Candy Love Closet -

Just a simple blogshop of mine for pre-loved which have been taken good care of with selective pieces and NEW items to be posted and sell. :)

Pss~~~ Shopaholics in KK! 


Just stay tuned for more with Sketches of Life and Pretty.Wild.Diva!!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

BKT Night at Sin Kee Bak Kut Teh (新记肉骨茶), K.K., Sabah.

Bak Kut Teh, a great comfort food during rainy day.


I'm loving food that served hot, especially SOUPs!

The boiling soup makes Bak Kut Teh seems so tempting~ *Slurp* Smells so nice either.

Once a while, readers and friends from Facebook and twitter (@meitzeu) might noticed that I will be having BKT night almost once a month. -_-" 

- Sin Kee Bak Kut Teh (新记肉骨茶) -

Few blocks away from Sin Kee Bak Kut Teh, you may find the famous Yu Kee Bak Kut Teh (佑记肉骨茶) (click) located along the same street where the Sunday Market Gaya Street located.

Although that Yu Kee is famous in town, however, I still prefer to eat at Sin Kee or the one located at Foh Sang, where all the meats are included in a hot pot with flat rate charged! Nyum!! But, make sure we reached there early before the nice flavour of the soup reduced and the same applies to other restaurants too.

- Seriously cooking the Mushroom Pork Knuckle -

Never tried that though, me and Terence can't finish all of them if we ordered that in addition to what we were having.

You will know why when you read further... *Grin smile*

- "Fried Oil Ghost" (direct translation of 油炸鬼) -

When food is fresh and restaurant were crowded with customers, definitely "Fried Oil Ghost" will taste even better and non the least, Terence love to add it into the soup and I often "steal" those from him!

- Our usual hot pot we had from any Bak Kut Teh restaurant! -

Bak Kut Teh for 2 person and Pork Kidney with Rice Wine Soup. 

Good stuffs to warm my body type in Chinese methodology. :P

Told you we can't finish the mushroom pork knuckle if we ordered it in addition. 

Btw, those person in charged for our order often gives us the WOW face, whereby they don't believe we could finish them all at one time.

- Pork Kidney with Rice Wine Soup -

- Sin Kee Bak Kut Teh -

Well, the restaurant has the good spot for tourists all over the world with its convenient location in K.K. area. Therefore, the restaurant serving nice BKT are often crowded with pork lovers too!

Are you a pork lovers?? :D

You might want to try if when you visit K.K., Sabah!:P Be sure to be EARLY to have the best sip of their soup!

Nice foods are meant to share and that's the way I share my love about KK Foods!

Location :
Corner shop along Jalan Pantai with a huge signboard stated "Sin Kee Bak Kut Teh (新记肉骨茶)"
(The same shop where Guang Dong Zhai Roasted Duck Restaurant located)

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Albert Dock, Liverpool, UK - During the Day, During the Night.

I always have an perception that... 

The view during the night with all the neon lights and whatever lighting blinking are spectacular from a far while the view during the day, we could see even clearer view of the city and moreover, any part of the world with our open wide eyes.

Shall I conclude that scenery of both during the day and night are simply great with their own way, especially when it's around great cities on this earth?

- Albert Dock, Liverpool -

Refreshed my mind a little bit before I started this entry, well, Albert Dock is a famous tourist attraction for us and my university's friends were telling me about this place (with photographs shared with me) where statue such as Elvis Prestley, The Beatles' Museum and some other attractions when I just reached Liverpool back in 2008.

To know more information about Albert Dock, you might want to check out their website, HERE!

- Yellow Duck -

It's a boat with wheels!

- Yellow Duck -

Just like the words stated on Yellow Duck, its operate from 11.00am around Liverpool City. And I still remember that once in a while, I might bump into Yellow Duck after my classes and when it honk, it goes with RHYTHM!

Very interesting right? If I'm not mistaken, Singapore do have Yellow Duck too!

Few of us wanted to have a ride, but in the end of our Summer Program... Nay~ We didn't hop in to it yet.

- Vessels -

I'm not sure whether those ships still uses by the people, but I did took some photographs with it once, while I was having a midnight walk with my friends. :D

Btw, I do met a few hilarious Ang Mo who thought we were from China (they thought Chinese only come from Sabah, despite on our roots) -_- and I remembered once that another Ang Mo was bowing to us and keep saying "Konochiwa!", but I didn't realise what he said until my friend told me. -_- Super awkward!

All kinds of funny situations that we had encounter. :D Those were the days.... A walk during the night, having ice cream in the middle of the cold night at the bus stop, and its freaking COLD!!! I was shivering and my teeth was "gggggg".

- The Pumphouse -

- That's Liverpool City -

- The Old Dock -

There were words stating about it, but i can't remember what was it for actually... However, I only remembered that people in the olden days do go deep down in there!

It was DARK in there.

- The Old Dock -

We saw the above while we passed by Liverpool 1 and while we were on our way to Albert Dock during the night. 

- Lambananas -

FYI, each and every Lambananas (a mascot of cultural year for Liverpool 2008) in town have their own name!

- Here we reached Albert Dock -


- Entering Albert Dock -

- The vessels for us to see at Albert Dock -

- The Liverpool Clock -

- Merseyside Maritime Museum -

Huge anchor to represent MARITIME!

- Piece of Art that we show while window shopping at Albert Dock -

- I love CANDIES! I want CANDIES! -

- Nice items we could see over there -

- And to end the post, that's Albert Dock and me -

:) I hope that my "project" of re-blogging with new entries for my journey in UK will interest you much! My old entries back in 2008 just sucks and much with photographs only. 

Sharing my life and experience are what I do best now! 


Location :
River Mersey, Liverpool, UK.