Friday, September 23, 2011

Updates Updates & I need some HELP from READERS!!

HEY!! Once again, I have updated my blog banner to a banner that suits my blog more. And FYI, it comprised


- The Banner as seen above! -

Nice or not? 

I know it was just ordinary cut and paste and mix and match, however, all the photographs were photos which I took over the years since I've furthered my studies in UK back in 2008 (during the time which I've started blogging with BLOGSPOT)!  :)

Okay~ Back to the "I need HELP", actually I need some VOTES,

a friend of mine/ a blogger/ a reader asked me why don't I create a Facebook Page for "withinmeitzeu". For me, I'm quite in doubt and wondering with the number of my readers (silent readers etc) who read my blog and what if, once I've created that Facebook page and turn out to have sucks number of "likes"? Hmmm~~ :/ Which indirectly means that I'm not confidence with my blog, even though I love it like a friend of mine. :P

(In fact, how many number of daily readers/ Page views will be counted as many? I wonder. )


if you agree with the friend of mine to create a Facebook Page of my blog, do click "LIKE" on the Facebook button below or drop a comment or two to show your SUPPORT!

And it is easy as A, B, C!

For new readers, take a look at (click) with other interesting entries before saying "Oh! I hate this blog."

Glurp* I am ready to accept the reality of Blogging. :)


BTW, Candy Love Closet (click) is updated with many nice outfits! Take a look!


  1. Dont care so much about how many likes you will get. just keep on doing what you do best out of your passion and the number of likes will eventually increase by time.. haha everything has to start from somewhere first =)

    all the best and hope to be able to see your page up on FB soon ^^

  2. Well said Daniel!! Thank you for the support! :) All the best to you too! :) *hugs*

  3. The FB page was part of easy connection with non blogger reader actually..

    So,just do it.. and don't forget to just invite all of your friend at first.. Then go to any community and beg 1st..

    Yeah.. So that,active in blogging and also communicate with the non blogger reader at facebook..

    That's help a lot!! Trust me..

    It's not just about the LIKE number.. It's about telling the world that Meitkidal is a BLOGGER!! ^_^.v..

  4. Meitzeu~

    The header is nice bah.. suit for your travelling bloggie.. :)

    ady liked it! I support your fan page oh.. dont be afraid for the initial no of likes when you 1st make it, as it will increase in no with time de.. :)

  5. I think its time for a facebook page:)