Sunday, September 11, 2011

KK : The Local Sunday Market, Gaya Street 【沙巴游】 亚庇 - 周末市场/步行街, 加雅街

If you are a local here, definitely you will know when and where is our Sunday Market will operates. Gaya Street Sunday Market, the famous spot where tourists all over the world will be visiting when they are in town on Sunday!

Gaya Street - It is formerly known as Bond Street and Dunlop Street (click) once, before the independence of Sabah. In addition to the history of Gaya Street, on every Sunday, Gaya Street will turn into a crowded Street Fair whereby tourists and locals will be visiting it while enjoying their walk with their love ones and friends. :) 

Even my dad would love to bring his family to visit there once in a while, especially when he wanted to buy some goods from there. :)

- Gaya Street Sunday Market -

The usual path from the beginning that we will be walking through until the end and return to the starting point by using the next street between that two rows of shops. (FYI, Gaya Street Sunday Market is combined with two streets back and forth).

Cut the craps and let the photographs speaks. :)  Do enjoy!

- Although they are handicap, they still find another way to earn for a living -

After all these years, they are still there entertaining visitors with their music instruments and the songs they are performing.

- Batiks -

Similar patterned scarfs, clothes and etc can be seen there. Price are both reasonable and expensive at Gaya Street, any pieces that we found interested, just bargain with them for a worthy price.  

- I heart KK -

Raise your hand if you love KK!! LOLz! Even KK is selling the famous "I love" sign like we could see in other places. It reminds me of "I love Liverpool", "I love Paris" and more.

- Fridge Magnets -

Reasonable pricing with various beautiful pattern fridge magnets that can be selected from stalls over there.

- Antiques and local music instruments -

I'm not sure where were those antiques found each time I saw those. During my last visit, I managed to listen a short music instruments performance by the seller and his/ her friends. A thought came in to my mind - They are old and it is such a waste that most of the younger generation now a days doesn't really appreciate the tradition/ culture of ours here. WHY?? Too much influence by other culture through out the world. :(


- Portraits -

Lively portraits can be found at Gaya Street and since years ago they were there already.

- Plants -

Flora, fruits and other plants can be found there too. And that's our Sunday Market here, all kinds of goods can be found.

My dad bought the Orchid in addition to his garden. :)

- Towards the end of Gaya Street -

Normally, we will see more local snacks selling at the end of Gaya Street (towards DBKK building).

As a reminder! Don't forget to try our famous "Kuih Paip", the one with holes and when we eat it, it is crunchy! And addictive after we have the first piece.

- Fresh Coffee Powder -

Sabah Coffee Bean!!

- Happening Show at Gaya Street -

- Part of Promosi Kraf Malaysia -

Unbelievable show performed by using few kinds of traditional music instruments. Wait till you see the guitar they've made!

- Lintasan Deasoka -

Once in a while, especially during festive season, Lintasan Deasoka will be decorated and crowded with people for the on going show/ performance.

- Unique Items that we might see in town - 

 I do appreciate all the historical and meaningful figures that left behind you know. :)

The sewing machine is located up high on the roof to let passengers know that the owner is running his business related to sewing machine. What an antique figure that we might not found in other places. :)

So yea~ Appreciate the history left behind I may say. :)

BTW, KK people, when is your last time visiting Gaya Street Sunday Market? ;)

Tours could be managed by Tropical Holidays Paradise to Sunday Market, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.


  1. Very interesting place,like those antiques and Tenom cofee?

  2. Few months ago I went. hehe. There's local youngsters selling their own designed tees too!

  3. Ahn-nyung-ha-se-yo!

    I love Gaya Street because I can get to see many many cute little puppy. And here is where my dad bought new puppy into our family :)

  4. Ooo the guys playing the guitars. Seen them a lot of times already. They keep on going strong I see. Good for them. Ba cari makan juga ba kan.

    The I Heart KK shirt. I wished I bought them before. I should wear that and walk around Johor Bahru hahahaa.

    Orang Utan portraits? Hmm do our orang utans really look that cute? Wakakaa.

    Ala no gambar of the Kuih Paip ka :P

    LOL is that a sewing machine? Must be near the SINGER shop ;D

    My last walk at Gaya Street was like half a year ago. LOL. Lama o kan. Ba, been to the peninsular pun around 5 months already :P

  5. LOlzz ;D Neh~ THe sewing machine is placed somewhere near to the roadside. The shop selling alot of sewing machines, opposite Australian place. hhehe. ;)

  6. walking here with a smile. take care.. have a nice day ~ =D

    Regards, (A Growing Teenager Diary) ..

  7. It's really been ages since I last walk down Gaya Street -_- sigh

    It is so happening there now :D

  8. YEa!! GO and have a look!

    I love to see those exciting faces of tourists at KK!!

  9. Gaya Street kena bawa duit banyak wooo....u tak beli pearl ke? sini murah dan saya paling suka tengok hamster dan rabbit yg di jual.

  10. love your article, hope to visit this place one day