Wednesday, September 14, 2011

【马六甲游】 酒店 : We Stay at Puri Hotel

So yea~ Few days lack of writing new entry because of Smurfs in Facebook game! Dang! Game is addictive and took a lot of my time!

So... Do my readers miss me? I guess NOT! :P
And I'm a little confuse and a little lack of confidence in blogging lately. :(

But anyhow, I can't be such selfish to disappoint my readers about my trips and food hunts I have attempted right?

And NOW! Gonna start with an official write up from the A - Z about my trip in Malacca! So, be excited with all the food and visiting places I have visited!

- Entering the Zone of Malacca! -

After approximately within 1 and a half hour ride from K.L. to Malacca, finally three of us (both of my parents and me) reached Malacca. I was excited in the cab/ taxi we were in and Uncle Wong, the nice and friendly taxi driver briefly explained the surrounding buildings/ architectures while we were passing by in his cab.

- Puri Hotel -

The first place to start our footsteps in Malacca -- The Hotel. :)

- Puri Hotel -

I think this is my first review about hotel and I don't mind to share this meaningful and historical hotel here to all of you. An interesting one and the most recommended one by friends and family.

- Antiques left behind -

- 迎燕庭 (Welcoming Shallow Hall) -

Exploring the hotel would be part of my interest, especially after I saw plats of directions on the WALL!

- 迎燕庭 (Welcoming Shallow Hall) -

- Shallows with their bird nest -

Shhhh~~~ We need to keep our voice low to prevent the shallows from flying away and don't come back. :) And FYI, the shallows are there since years ago.

- Premium Bird's Nest -

The same kind of shallows which produced edible bird's nest. Good for beauty and health. I want I want! And it doesn't cost cheap for a pack of bird's nest! Gonna save my salary to buy those. :P

- Trade Routes -

During my studies of history subject back then, Malacca was known as the trading ports of items like spices, and there's the routes that has been hanged on the wall of the history room (YUP! There is a History Room in the hotel.)

- List of timeless Ruling by different Centuries -

Not only in words, but also photographs are included and hanged on the wall.

Besides, there are stories about Puri Hotel, how the owner started his business etc etc... The generation of the owner since olden times and more.

- Traditional wooden house of the local -

I didn't saw any short notes on the miniature house, I guess it should be belong to the Baba and Nyonya once and we still can see some of that until now.

- Cafeteria of Puri Hotel -

Buildings in Malacca shared one concept, which is, those buildings are deep starting from the main entrance. And, so much doors to explored with.

- Breakfast -

A very light early breakfast I had with my mom. :) Local Nyonya cakes came after a while. Must try Nyonya cakes when we visit Malacca and similar places!

- Someone wedding at the neighborhood -

I saw local Baba and Nyonya kind of wedding!! Neh.. I only managed to experience the end, but my dad saw the whole process with both couple.

A mixture of all kinds of business operations and living places (house for the locals). Its normal to see family staying nearby the hotel.

- The design of the roof -

- The maintained Tiles/ Flooring -

Design of roof and floor are maintained and as for the floor (saw those breakage/ the old tiles?) , the building are refurnished and built without destroying all the worthy materials since olden days.

- The room -

- The handy book -

All kinds of information (history, the hotel menu etc) are included and its INTERESTING facts! I could read the whole night while eating my Candy. :)

- The Lobby -

Waiting at the lobby and dad took the photograph for me!!

:) That's conclude my review on the hotel... Interesting one in Malacca right? 

Happy weekend all!

118, Jalan Tun Tan Cheng Lock,
75200 Melaka.

Official website - click Hotel Puri Malacca

p/s: Read my previous post on "Overview on History and Delicacies on Malacca" (click) for the Overview on my Malacca trip!


  1. forget about jonker walk, the REAL antiques are much better here :)

  2. hotel puri looks like a pretty decent place to stay in... :)

  3. :) Yup! Decent hotel to stay in for all!

  4. Cantik! Puri Hotel so pretty with all the historical design too!

  5. Yup! Must stay to know more about Malacca!! Although not 5 star la~~ :P

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