Thursday, September 8, 2011

【台湾游玩记】 台北的心情! Fun In Taiwan : I Love TAIPEI! (Overview)

 Hehe :) Been waiting so long for my extracted "serum" on my Taipei, Taiwan trip? 

Hmm :S Or maybe not?!

Just like my title, I love Taipei more than the crowded night life in Taichung (台中), which somehow freaked me out while walking in town. -__- Especially the motorists, the roadway and in the middle of the street. OMG! Click here for my previous Taichung (台中)entry, in case you haven't read it. :)

And now.... Let the overview on my Taipei trip begin!

- Taiwan Easy Card -

A must have Easycard in Taiwan, especially for tourists like us! It is like the card which we used in KL for the transportation services.

However, we only managed to use it during our trip in Taipei (4Ds3Ns) and not in Taichung (2Ds1N). Taiwan Easycard can be bought easily in Taiwan and we could buy it either from the Station or 7 Eleven! And the great thing about it, is WE CAN USE IT AS A DEBIT CARD in 7 Eleven and some other convenience stores too! Cheap and nice Hello Kitty facial masks, anyone? Or the famous instant noodles? Shoot! The noodles are so delicious!

- Jiu Fen Old Street 九份旧道/ 老街 -

One of the famous old street located at north of Taipei. Experiencing the old streets and buildings, non the least the food/ snacks, some local handmade goodies and more. I like the feel in Jiu Fen, where the scenery is amazingly beautiful, experiencing different kind of culture and DO REMEMBER! Try to open your eyes widely while you are in the bus or any other transportation that you might use in the future to reach that beautiful, yet meaningful old street.

Although we took quite a while to reach the destination by local public transportation (like I said before, do hire a van or a cab for your trip, it will ease your trip A LOT!) and what we had were laughing all the way in the trains and in the bus we're in, it sounds kind of silly whereby some of us were standing all the way from Rui Fang (瑞芳) to Jiu Fen (九份) in the huge public bus. 

OMG! We need some "Kung Fu" basic/ stunts inside the bus while it was like "drifting" toward those hills and narrow roads before we reached our destination. *Scary* Hai yah!!

- Pearl Milky Tea -

Finally I had my cup of Pearl Milky Tea! A must have beverage while visiting Taiwan! Words by my friends, we can try MILKY TEAs from ANY of the OUTLETS/ SELLERS selling 奶茶 (milky tea) there. Anyone of them taste GREAT! :)

About the one I had, hmm~ I ordered one type of tea leaves, the end result was like similar to Chatime's milky tea, the one with the Chinese word representing "Sunrise"/ 日出茶太 or something similar. It taste nice for me. :)

- View from Jiu Fen Balcony -

As I said before, Jiu Fen has BEAUTIFUL view by looking down and looking far! By looking downwards, the houses looks like miniatures and the scenery we saw were breathtaking. *lovely*

So... you gonna wait for the amazing photographs I took and the write up later! :P

- Shilin Night Market (士林夜市) -

One of the famous night market in Taiwan and a really HUGE one (I will be lost if I'm walking alone at the night market)! Crowded with tourists and locals there. I didn't really enjoy walking for hours in that hot weather but shopaholic Ice Hippo's (one of the mascot) owner could shop for more than 4 hours for shopping without dinner!!!!!!!!!!!! THAT WAS NUTS CRAZY!

Besides, various eateries for us to choose and as for shopaholics, all sorts of cheap and reasonable pricing with average and above average quality goods can be found over there too! With the patient, for sure will found something useless at Shilin Night Market.

- 7 Eleven of Taiwan *MUST GO!*-

With the influence of Taiwan movie series, proudly say I actually went for my breakfast at the legendary Taiwan 7 Eleven (which I was bugging meatball for many times before we reached Taiwan), and it was FREAKING AWESOME with all sorts of instant noodles, sandwich, coffees, hotdogs (served HOT) and MORE!

And you know what? 7 out of 10 of us visited 7 Eleven everyday for goodies!

- Xi Men Ding (西门町)-

:) This is what I like about Taipei, shopping mall are there and the streets look nice too. We reached there around 1.20pm and the crowd were still okay. Xi Men Ding is a nice place for tourists and youngsters for shopping and extraordinary delicacies temptation.

WTF! I didn't made it to have my drink at Taiwan's STARBUCKS!! Too full to drink one, I must reach my target of having at least one grande coffee from Starbucks in any country that I will be visiting in the future from now onwards!

- Steamboat -

Nothing much to say, but Steamboat at Taiwan is a must!! I think Steamboat will be great if we are having it during winter or cold weather season. :)

- Doing something crazy? -

Planking, I don't really have the guts to lay myself on the floor or benches there. I really shy of doing that. However, I did try something really easy to shot with. :) Above photograph was a PHAILED one took by meatball. :P

- Ning Xia Road Night Market (宁夏夜市) -

Doggie's (one of the mascot) owner's friend, a local Taiwanese brought us by foot to the night market located nearby to our hotel (around Zhong Shan 中山). He told us that the night market is where the local Taiwanese love to visit , just few rows of stalls with eateries, beverages, dessert and games there. Not really a shopping heaven to seek for cheap fashionable items. :)

- Dou Hua Zhuang (豆花莊) -

One of the famous dessert in Taiwan which also well known by many living and travel channels and one of it was from Japan! Their cold bean curd really taste great!

Night view from Dadaocheng Wharf (大稻埕码头)-

We have visited the local old/ listed building and experienced a long walk to and from the hotel, we did saw the different faces of Taiwan (for me, it is kind of confusing North/ West side or East or South of Taipei's plat direction), luckily we have a "tour guide" bring us along. However, I did heard a short conversation between both of the friends) that in short, we were lost of direction for a while (walked extra one block of building) LOLz :D

It's okay, I did have fun walking although we were exhausted by walking for hours and reached the hotel at almost 11.30pm. :D

- Taipei 101 (台北101)-

Caught my eye with that amazing skyscraper building view and same to the attractive inner view too. The interior design and the branded outlets looks great there! And I bought one bracelet from Tiffany & Co. *cough cough* 

We wanted to buy tickets and experience the amazing view of Taipei from above and experiencing the fastest lift of Taipei 101, but unfortunately, the time and crowded people do not allow us to do so. :(

- Cold Stone Ice Cream -

Certainly CREAMY! Nyum! Thank you to our Singaporean friends who treated us (Malaysian) with Cold Stone Ice Cream. :)

I can't recall who told us that Cold Stone is a famous ice cream brand in Taiwan and it is just few steps away from our hotel! Must try must try! Aww~ I miss that mouth watering ice cream. 

*rub sweat* Finally ending my overview on Taipei trip. :) HOPE THIS LONG WINDED POST DOESN'T BORED MY READERS. :P

One second thought, I am planning for a second visit to Taipei, this time will be for scenery trip (NOT shopping) and to taste those recommended dessert and delicacies over there! Arrgghh** I haven't explore the whole Taipei YET!

Oh yea~ Can't wait for the second trip in future. :)


  1. seriously any of the bubble milk tea taste great? haha

    Peace Out!
    The CleverMunkey

  2. LOLzz :D I think there is. But, donno which one is the most famous la. Keekekeeke :P

  3. Hmmmm Taiwan. The closest I've been to Taiwan stuff is watching a Taiwan drama every night on Singapore channel hahaaa.

    Milky Tea! A must have whenever going to shopping malls and such :D

    Over 4 hours without dinner? Wow. Amazing. Me, I would prioritise tummy first. Considering the smell from all the foods around hahaa. She can tahan oo, even though can see so many food.

    I like cold bean turt too. But in your pic, the one on the right is what mix? Different from the left kan.

  4. I'm so excited!!!! I'm going in another few days!!! ARGHHHH!!! *screams*

  5. you just came back and you planning on 2nd trip already.. i havent even got my first time.. lol..

    one thing i worry about heading to places like taiwan because it's so chinese.. and im a banana.. if i go, i would like to plan.. but with everything chinese, how to plan lah? lol :P

  6. Greetings from Korea!

    Mei Tzeu, I also plan to go Taiwan again and this time, backpacking! No more follow organised tour guide!

    Ken, no worry. You see, even Japan and Korea also we can't read their language, but my friends and I still can travel around :D

  7. The view from the balcony is so pretty! :)

  8. I have a friend who comes from Taipei saying great things about it. Now with these photos and review, I can see exactly why! It seems you've had a great time!

  9. yo.. did u went to taipei zoo or 猫空?i think it's nice there too!