Saturday, September 17, 2011

【马六甲吃】 Local Delicacies at Jonker 88 (大宝小食88)

For those who ever been to Malacca, definitely most of them have tried those desserts from Jonker 88. :)

Refresh some of your mind, after we had checked in to Puri Hotel, we had a walk at Jonker Street which is located behind/ nearby our hotel.  Beside having the walk, non the least we will be searching for FOOD!!! LOCAL DELICACIES to enjoy the day. Nyum!

- Jonker 88 -

My friends who have visited Malacca suggested me that Jonker 88 is a must visit restaurant and so do the 10 must do list recommended. Without even noticing, we had passes by the restaurant and immediately told my parents about the restaurant!

*Relieved* Luckily during our breakfast at Jonker 88, we don't have to queue up for a long time to buy our desserts together with our favourable dishes.

- Desserts List -

Tempting varieties of ice blended for us to select! And the one I want the most was DURIAN CHENDOL!!

OMG! It taste heavenly and same goes to some other restaurants serving the same chendol too, but I still prefer chendol from Jonker 88!

Me like me like!

- The ingredients -

Gula Melaka is the secret of all nice desserts in Malacca and they do sell Gula Melaka to their guests. :) 

FYI, Mom bought some too!

- Durian Chendol -

Can't deny the saliva drooling taste of the chendol and I had like 10 bowls of Durian Chendol during my trip back in May 2011 (KL and Malacca). West Malaysia served good chendol all over the places. YUMMY!

- Durian Chendol -

Imagine the refreshing ice blended chendol running through your throat, the smell of coconut milk (Santan), the Durian paste and the Gula Melaka. It was refreshing and mind blowing dessert I had. MmmMmm~

- List of Noodles and Rice -

Found something interesting and I wanna try that Baba Laksa @ RM5.00.

- Baba Laksa -

Nothing to say much about, but I do love the fragrant of the Laksa they served. AWESOME!

- Local delicacies we had -

- Ah Mah Fish Cake -

Their customers come and go quite a lot. Non stop busying there and at the opposite of Ah Mah Fish Cake, there's Ah Gong stall! How nice?!

- Newsletter -

When there's nice delicacies, there's people noticed! :) 

Awesome breakfast I had at Jonker 88 for two consecutive days and both parents of mine LOVE IT too!

Official website - Click HERE!

Location :
88, Jalan Hang Jebat (Jonker Street), Malacca.

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  1. that time i went.. full house, queue so long.. lol.. but nice place for food :)

  2. ohoh this i know... that jonker88 is overrated and just because they have a website and others dont! LOL

    Peace Out!
    The CleverMunkey

  3. i see~~ Last night then only I knew they got a website. -__-
    Haha :D

    U mean there's more nice nice food?

  4. Hi meitzeu.. the chendol durian is really tempting.. Hee~

    And it cant be deny that Peninsular food is more cheaper than here eh.. ;)

  5. Hello Germaine! :) It taste good too. :)
    Yup! Can't deny they are cheeaapp!

  6. I been in Malacca last year but don't have time to visit Jonker 88. :(

  7. durian cendol? sounds strange but looks good! i wanna go to malacca too!! ^^