Friday, September 2, 2011

Malaysia Guide : Melaka/ Malacca - 2 Days 1 Night 【马六甲游】

After a few foodies entries of mine which I have attempted in KL for 3 days (starting from the day I've landed KL until my Graduation Day) in a row, finally, I am done with an Overview on delicacies and historical destination (here and there) which I have experienced at a historical state of Malaysia named Malacca for 2D1N.

- Christ Church Melaka -

I have realise that there's many Bloggers around were writing their experience of food and how much fun they had in Malacca, so... it makes me like.... My gosh! I'm super duper slow by dragging so damn long, since May 2011. :( AND THAT'S AWFUL!

Opps! :X

The moment I arrived the entrance of Malacca, each building and street in Malacca were like mystery and relaxing for me. :)

I felt peace and harmony inside (:/ Hard to define that subjective feeling you know)

- Chicken Rice Ball -

Must have for anyone who visit Malacca! However, preferable to visit the Chicken Rice Shop at the block nearby the bridge and river of Malacca, and also around Red Zone of Malacca or the shop next to San Su Gong (三叔公) with building that are selling local snacks and more.

- Jonker 88, Jonker Street of Malacca *Recommended* -

Great local delicacies that we could find from Jonker 88, offering varieties of choices from Laksa, dessert, Nyonya food etc. BTW, Baba Laksa and Nyonya Laksa taste SO GOOD!

By looking at the crowd outside Jonker 88, you will know they really good with their Cendol and FOODS. :)

- Cendol from Jonker 88 -

I realised some difference between the Cendol of both Sabah and West Malaysia (WM), WM have good taste of Cendol and I really love it very much! I'm loving the Gula Melaka added in their Cendol, make me crave for MORE!

Over 2 days of trips in Malacca, I had so much Cendol which I never had such before, lunch, dinner and after a long walk!

- Typical Nyonya Cuisine by Lucy's Kitchen *Recommended* -

Nyonya delicacies served are sweet in flavour as I have been told, was wondering why does it taste such during my first bite.


The spices, the flavour (dad's doesn't add much sugar in his cooking), the BABI PONGTEH. Nice!

- Jonker Walk 鸡场街文化坊 -

A must visit place in Malacca! I like it there. Saw the decorated red stage? FYI, normally, there will be performance by public going on during the night with a minimum charges for each song. Good idea to build own confidence performing in public, doesn't it?

Besides, we might found something different from there, like antiques that our parents love, the black disks that you might not think of, various eateries that we never seen before and more!

- Gula Ketuk/ Candy Sweets -

While we were walking along Jonker Street, we might heard the sound of "Tuk Tuk Tuk". Its Gula Ketuk! I bought a few packets of it and it was quite addictive after I had my first piece. A little peppermint flavour running through the throat. :) Nice!

- Traditional transportation (Spotted this again and it was placed outside a shop) -

While I was enjoying myself at the hotel lobby, I heard conversation of a tourist guide to his tourists about this. It is a traditional transportation for female with 3 inch long (三寸金莲), in other words, female with small feet were more favourable during the old days. Wow! I could confirm you that it will be quite SUFFERING for our foot by not growing healthily.

- Beaded Shoe 珠子鞋 -

The Shoe is belong to my mom, she love to buy hand made items since young and so do I. All the way from Kota Kinabalu to Malacca, she called her friend to ready few pairs of beaded shoes for her to bring back to KK. Aiyoyo~

Non the least, we might see shops selling and on the spot make a pair for tourists and locals after selecting their favourite pattern of beads and style.

- Typical Traditional House -

Still maintaining the beauty and originality from the olden days. :)

Everything were great in Malacca, all the delicacies and historical visiting places. :D

My dad even told my mom : "Come! We go to Malacca again! Each year visit one time also no problem." He had so much I tell you, by enjoying his food hunting all over Malacca! And of course, I;m enjoying the beautiful view and foods of Malacca. :D


  1. Their cendol really nice with Gula Melaka. Did you try their satay celup?

    Got visit A'Famosa Fortress mah? I also wish to go back again but better save to other place like Penang and Langkawi

  2. Neh~ Didn't try that. My friend say I won't like it that much. :X

    Sigh~~~ :( Sadly say I didn't went there oo~ Was with my parents during my trip, can't explore that much. :D We walk by foot to all those places, from where I stayed was near to Jonker Street. :P

    Yea~ I saw Penang like not bad to visit!! I've visited once, but only a day trip few years ago. :)

    Langkawi not bad also. I like their sandy beach and the Aquarium thingy.

  3. LOL my grandma loves beaded shoes too! I guess it's a trend back then

  4. :D LOLzzz

    Yea~ U know what, its expensive to buy those now a days! ;P

  5. another malacca post! lol..
    i just went, and gonna write about it soon :P

  6. Hi Meitzu :)

    1st time here..i saw ur blog post on FB (the Sabahan Bloggers group)..u're featured in Malaysia Asia blogs as well n congrats for that :)

    Looking 4ward for ur updates :)


  7. Hi Ken! :)

    tHanks you! :) Hope my updates will makes u happy! :P

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