Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Brunch at De Patio, Habour City, K.K., Sabah

So I had a nice brunch on a Saturday with nice cup of coffee with Coffee Art drawn on the surface and having wonderful main courses and snacks served by De Patio few weeks ago.

In deed, it became one of mine hang out spot from now on for indulging session with friends and family. :)

- De Patio, Harbour City -

Like I have mentioned before (click), I was on a relax Saturday the other weekend while accompanying meatball for her informal business discussion at the restaurant with the kind and friendly owner and together with meatball's friends for brunch session too. However, somehow or rather, I became an invited guest on that day. *happy*

- Introducing De Patio, established since 2011 -

- The Menu (Newly updated menu coming soon) -

Varieties of delicacies can be selected to fill up all those hungry tummies. That beef looks tempting!

- Beverages served -

Varieties of beverages for customer to choose with and I love the coffees served by them. :)

- Selective Wines at De Patio -

- American Cheese Cake -

Look tempting doesn't it? I didn't managed to tried it because all of us were FULL!! We were well fed by De Patio that day!

- The Coffee Maker -

The staff was shy when I took this. :) How I wish a set of coffee maker in my future home. :)

- Part of the design of De Patio -

- Cappuccino -

- Caesar Salad -

Healthy lifestyle that my sister's friend ordered before we arrived. Quite tasty though and huge portion for us too.

- Spaghetti Carbonara *chef recommended* -

Highly recommended and high popularity among guests. Pasta was creamy and tasty with generous amount of ingredients!

- Caramel Macchiato -

Coffee I had and its smooth to drink with. Not too hot, not too cold, just nice. ;)

- Club Sandwich -

They always says Club Sandwich in a restaurant is the most filling and nice to eat with during afternoon tea session or lunch/ brunch.

- Fried Squids -

Additional fried squids on our brunch was a superb!

- The interior design of De Patio with satisfying guests -

:) Looks tempting as the photographs shown above, so don't worry of that! 

Last but not least, thank you to Ms. Eliza for the treat! What a satisfying brunch we had on that day! :) All of us love your menus!

Location :
D-G-2 (D-3-1), Level 1, Harbour City, Sembulan,
88100 Kota  Kinabalu, Sabah.

Contact No. :
088-487 616

p/s : Don't forget to participate on the pool at the left bar! I want to know your preference in reading my blog!

* Lunch with Tropical Holidays Paradise for De Patio, Habour City, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.


  1. What a small world! The hotel is my company's client and I'm in charged of doing their audit :P

  2. Lolz. :D before you resigned your job is it? :D

  3. :) coz I very selective on writing food entries mah. Not nice, won't blog geh. ;)

  4. Yums~ Food looks tempting! How's the price for food? LOL

  5. Reasonable pricing though! Not very expensive one!

  6. Good Food always come from good place :-)