Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Awesome Party with Hennessy Artistry "The Global Art of Mixing" 2011 at Times Square, K.K.!!

Are you excited to read about my Hennessy Artistry party happening on last Saturday 24th September, 2011?

:D Finally completed my post with all the photographs from friends and bloggers. :)


For the first time, I had a great night partying with all the invited guests, especially with all the bloggers.

- Hennessy V.S.O.P. -

I really enjoyed myself with all the music by DJ Roxy June and Reshmonu!


FYI, luckily I didn't get drunk that night, but some of them I knew were so DRUNK and I called then "the Drunken Angels"! :P

- The main entrance of the event - *Photo credited to Hayden C.* 

Distinctive guests such as VIP, Media and Bloggers will be registering themselves at the right counter while guests with tickets will enter from them left counter. To identify the guests, all of us have wristband to tied on our wrist, it's just a matter of the colour, white (VIPs, medias and bloggers) or black (guests with tickets). 

- Hennessy Mixing Bar - *Photo credited to Hayden C.*

With pretty girls at the mini bar while serving the four (4) new savouring fresh delectable flavours of Hennessy V.S.O.P signature long drinks – 

Hennessy Apple, Hennessy Ginger, Hennessy Berry and Hennessy Citrus.

-The area for interactive activities! - *Photo credit to Charlotte F.*

Guests have the quality time having fun with the interactive activities before the event officially started.


- A cardboard look a like ticket and booklet for new V.S.O.P Drinks - *Photo credit to Hayden C.*

 I'm gonna keep the ticket as remembrance inside my Diary!

- Hennessy Music Mix Synth - *Photo credit to Hayden C.*

- White Room main entrance - *Photo credit to The Rungitom.*

The main entrance when we will be partying in there!

- View from 1st Floor which was from VIP, media and bloggers area -

- View from 1st Floor which was from VIP, media and bloggers area - *Photo credit to Charlotte F.*

1st Floor was okay, but I love the crowd down there! Amazingly happening with party people! OMG!! So much of people and amazing people to dance with! Sherrie and Charlotte were amazing dancers! OMGOMG!!

- AWESOME BLOGGERS I'VE MET AT THE EVENT - *Photo credit to Charlotte F.*

From right to left : Sherrie P., THAT's ME in Black, Margaret, Tom in Blue (behind), Chloe L. (who is also my younger sister), Hayden C. in White Blouse and non the least Charlotte F., the one holding the camera!!


- The Emcee of H.A party - *Photo credit to Shawn L.*

Stunning beautiful Emcee for the night!

- Reshmonu and ME! - *Photo credit to Charlotte F.*

The party warmed up/ started with performance by Reshmonu! Such a talented artist to know and friendly too!

- DJ Roxy June from Bangkok - *Photo credit to The Rungitom.*

She is so pretty! And the crowd were amazed by her amazing skill and she really blew off the roof of White Room!

She does bring the crowd higher and higher!!

- Hennessy V.S.O.P. - *Photo credit to Sherrie P.*

T (my bf)'s friend ordered two bottles of Hennessy V.S.O.P. for RM500.00 (on promotion)! OMG! Guess, they were really flowed in with H.A party! 

Btw, I still prefer the usual V.S.O.P. with Coke! :P Maybe Ginger too!

When the night getting late, the atmosphere in White Room was getting really HIGH!

- DJ Reeve - *Photo credit to Tom.*

Aww~~ That's sad. :( I didn't managed to enjoy the performance by DJ Reeve and I read reviews that HE WAS AWESOME!!! wtf! I went back home early because of a friend of mine (You know who you are :/) was drunk and vomiting that I need to send her home. -__- 

Sigh~ Then I shall wait for his performance some day in future. ;)

H.A party a must go event to experience and no worry about the crowd, I saw most of them are familiar faces in KK, so the crowd is fine especially with only invited guests (However, girls need to be careful eitherway).

So yea~ I do have fun that night (although I went home early) and the party ended around 2.00am. :)

 Here are some entries by other Bloggers and photographs taken on that awesome night which I've partied with them!! Read them to know what they've said about HA party in KK!

Charlotte F. from City Chic in Wild Wilderness.

Sherrie from Cute Bun.

Photo album by The Rungitom.

And not forgotten, thank you SABAHAN BLOGGERS for the opportunity to attend the event as a blogger (with 2 passes) and thank you Mich for the extra tickets for my friends too!


  1. DJ Reeve looks a bit different from when I seen her during Johnnie Walker Penang. And DJ Roxy June is so hawt!

  2. Finally I can post this comment on your site!


  3. Wah.. untungnya kamurang dapat pigi.. kalau la si Aki di KK kan best.. deng..

  4. Awesome! Thank you for all the link back!

  5. Yup! June Roxy is so hot!! Can't deny she has a angelic smile with powerful talent!

    AKi : Masih ada chances bah!

    Cutebun: You are welcome!

  6. I must really try the chicken rice balls if I had the chance.