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Anyo Haseyo!! Dinner at Korean BBQ Supul, City Mall, K.K., Sabah

Hmm~ What should we have this evening? 

Maybe Korean cuisine for a change. :)

Hehe :P This will be one of my post that pending for so long until now. However, Korean Foods are still great for me anyway!

- Korean BBQ Supul -

Located at 1st Floor, City Mall, we could see a nicely presented Korean Restaurant located. Korean dinner was good and we had quite a evening!

Enjoyed what we had during our dinner on two different nights!

- Appetizer -

I love Kimchi!!

- Appetizer -

- Korean Pancakes -

- Korean Fried Nian Gao -

- Fried Squid -

There's food served hot too!!

- Korean BBQ Supul -

Nom nom Korean Food! I like Korean Food with a little spicy flavour. :) The Soup especially!

Korean BBQ Supul, a nice selection for Korean Cuisine in town when we are craving for Korean Food!


Feel free to comment! Appreciate with your kind words and it does make my days brighter!


  1. FOOD! =D Will go and try it out sometimes!

    Have a great day yea~

  2. Hmm... been to citymall all the time eat Hana. LOL

  3. KlaraParis : :) Have a great day to u too!

    Cutebun : LOLz :D I like Hana too!

  4. Meitzeu.. I saw you blog in the Malaysia travel bloggers list.. Congratz ya! So nice le to be featured there.. hehe

  5. Where where where? Can you please send me the URL? :)

    Thank you thank you! ;) I'm happy to know about that! :D