Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Anyo Haseyo!! Dinner at Korean BBQ Supul, City Mall, K.K., Sabah

Hmm~ What should we have this evening? 

Maybe Korean cuisine for a change. :)

Hehe :P This will be one of my post that pending for so long until now. However, Korean Foods are still great for me anyway!

- Korean BBQ Supul -

Located at 1st Floor, City Mall, we could see a nicely presented Korean Restaurant located. Korean dinner was good and we had quite a evening!

Enjoyed what we had during our dinner on two different nights!

- Appetizer -

I love Kimchi!!

- Appetizer -

- Korean Pancakes -

- Korean Fried Nian Gao -

- Fried Squid -

There's food served hot too!!

- Korean BBQ Supul -

Nom nom Korean Food! I like Korean Food with a little spicy flavour. :) The Soup especially!

Korean BBQ Supul, a nice selection for Korean Cuisine in town when we are craving for Korean Food!


  1. FOOD! =D Will go and try it out sometimes!

    Have a great day yea~

  2. Hmm... been to citymall all the time eat Hana. LOL

  3. KlaraParis : :) Have a great day to u too!

    Cutebun : LOLz :D I like Hana too!

  4. Meitzeu.. I saw you blog in the Malaysia travel bloggers list.. Congratz ya! So nice le to be featured there.. hehe

  5. Where where where? Can you please send me the URL? :)

    Thank you thank you! ;) I'm happy to know about that! :D