Tuesday, August 9, 2011

【生活点滴】 Walking along with my little companion Pompom, The Bear at Karambunai

Hi there :)

Introducing my little companion - Pompom who will be accompanying me to Taiwan as a mascot of that coming trip. *Super excited!*

- Pompom -

T dated me to Karambunai for a change last Sunday and without noticed by T, I brought Pompom along to try the new concept of a group of us to Taiwan and to see whether the outcomes are okay or not. :) 

So, please do drop by some comments okay?

- Karambunai Resort -

FYI, it took approximately 45 minutes from KK city to reach Karambunai Resort and we are not required to be a member to enter the compound.

- Pompom and Me -

The sky was so blue and the weather was damn hot! Its making my eye looks even more "China doll" alike.

Little Pompom came into picture when my sister and her friends planned to substitute themselves in photography session with personal mascot (each girl will have one if possible) during our upcoming trip to Taiwan. So.... A little childish for some people in some sense, I know right?

Enjoy some photographs I took with Pompom at Karambunai and hope you like it!

- How beautiful it was the scenery while walking beside the beach area on that Sunday -

- How I wish I was sitting on the carpet grass just like the past, during the beginning of Summer at UK -

- Pompom laying beside T at Lagoon Park, Karambunai -

T nagged me when he saw I brought Pompom along. And he keeps repeating for the same phrase of words when he saw what I did, such a childish action while I was taking photographs with a soft toy.

It is within the thought of childishness and a concept to create something or doing some extraordinary action with Pompom while I, personally shy or not able to act with.

So, chill guys... and stay tuned for more!


  1. aeee the teddy bear is cute ^^

    oh ya, don't forget to check BB creams giveaway on my blog ok~thank u =D

  2. in the first pic, it looked like a huge bear.. but then.. it's so tiny.. lol :P

  3. :) I love to make people confuse. hehehe

  4. hhm... isnt pompom is u aaa??? lolololol