Wednesday, August 17, 2011

【沙巴游】古达 - 婆罗最顶峰 Fun in Sabah : Kudat - A Walk to Simpang Mengayau (Tip of Borneo)

Hey~ Didn't expect my blog can be updated while I'm away to Taiwan? 

I think I will be having a great time by now. :)

Remember I went to Kudat with T and his family few months ago? Click here if you haven't read about it. Or the Tip of Borneo Music Festival 2011 (click here)?  

Here, I will show you some photographs during the day. :) Feel free to enjoy the photographs I took before.

- Starting Point -

- Walk further to reach the bronze globe and see the Sea view where Sulu Sea and South China Sea meet -

- South China Sea meeting Sulu Sea -

The ear of Sabah map!

- View from Tip of Borneo (Simpang Mengayau) -

- The dangerous act -


And I do not have the guts to sit on those rocks or walk further to the sea. :P

- The Open Sea and the light house in the middle -

- The Bronze Globe -

- The Bronze Globe -

- A short tea session at T's uncle house at Kudat -

And it's located in the Kudat village where we need to drive further in by using the bumpy road. Its a typical "Kampung" Village. :) 

Something that I might not get used to and learned extraordinary experience.

- Local Snacks must have! - 

 Kudat is T's family originated, so make him as part of the people of Kudat! :D

Hey! Gonna stop here! 

Stay tuned for more updates of Taiwan if possible (unless there is wifi over here by now!) :)

Kudat by Sabah Tourism Board - Click HERE!

Optional Tour could be managed by - Tropical Holidays Paradise to Kudat, Sabah.


  1. Stop blogging! You're suppose to be having fun in Taiwan! Blog more when u get back! Cant wait to read about your Taiwan trip!

    Miss you hun! Take care and have fun!


  2. how nice if there is such a view in KL.. :P