Saturday, August 13, 2011

【生活点滴】 Updates : Next Week! And that's AWESOME!!

Finally its Friday and after one more stressful working day (next Monday), I will be stepping my foot in Taiwan! I'm hype with my upcoming awesome fruitful trip (suppose to be) next Tuesday!

Hope everything will be great and the weather will be good when we are there. :)

Last Sunday, KK group of friends to Taiwan had a small discussion session to sort out all our local phone numbers and other matters. I saw our smile of excitement were as large as a clown with huge red lip or maybe yellow. LOLzz :D

- Pompom meeting Ice Hippo! -

If you read my previous post on "Walking along with my little companion Pompom, the Bear", you will know something about our intention to have those little cute soft toys!

Once again, those little soft toys will be our mascot representing few of us (of course the more, the merrier) on the photography session during our trip at Taiwan. And as for other friends who are joining us and reading this entry while feeling like having one mascot while trying something different, do bring one and I'm sure we will be having fun by then. ;)

Not a large one, a size of our palm or smaller will be fine and not necessary to be an expensive one. Just like Pompom, I found Pompom in my soft/ little toys bottle that I stuffed together with all the little small toys inside FOR YEARSSSS.

- Taichung 台中市 -

One of our destination to visit!

- Pompom will be visiting to all the highlighted area! -

- Our starting point -

Arrggghhhh!!! Taipei 台北 for food and shopping!!! 

I'm so gonna be a round faced girl after the trip! :D

- Maybe PLANKING at Taiwan? -

- Pompom meeting Meatball Turtle -

Meatball turtle belongs to my sister (Meatball from "...of mine!") while Ice Hippo (in the first pic) of this post belongs to W, a good friend of meatball who was smiling behind both of the mascots. :P

FYI, there was one additional friend to the mascots which was an unnamed cute doggie soft toy.
(Can't wait to take photographs of it together with others!)

So.... partners in crime, are we prepared for the trip next week?!


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