Monday, August 22, 2011

【台湾游玩记】 我回家咯! Fun In Taiwan : I'm back from TW!

Hey~~ Readers~~ I'm back from Taiwan this afternoon!!

- Meatball Turtle, Pompom Bear, Rabbit & Ice hippo at Taipei 101 -

Finally back from heaven on earth! And its gonna be back to reality. :(

Hope everyone have a great week ahead with awesomeness!

p/s: Updates will be done sometime in future. SO, STAY TUNED!

Till then!


  1. so nice get to holiday at far far land.. looking forward to read about the trip :)

  2. welcome back! ^^
    hey i love the turtle, i take it as a virtual souvenir for me, if you don't mind? hehehe.... ^^

  3. welcome back! =) can't wait to see your pictures from there :)

  4. Intro nice places to visit too!! ^^ I'm going in a month's time! X)

  5. Welcome back to reality mei tzeu..hehehe...
    can give me the green turtle ka?

  6. Ken : Sure~ Hope I could sort it out in short period of time. :P

    Aemy : Sure~ A virtual gift it is (p/s: It's my sis's turtle.) :P

    Michelle : :) Okok! :)

    Cutebun : Yea~ I try to make the itinerary of where I've been and I recommended one. :)

    Sabrina : :P You need to ask my sis liao. :P

    And I will tell her that you all like her turtle. kekekke


  7. Meatball Turtle looks really cute... haaha they all look cute.

    Ba orite, look forward to more updates on your Taiwan trip ;D