Monday, August 29, 2011

【台湾游玩记】台中的心情! Fun In Taiwan : I Love TAICHUNG! (Overview)

Hey! :) Didn't thought of I will be updating my Taiwan trip in this short period of time? 

From my previous post on "Readers~~ I'm back from TW!", I have found out that there were readers who can't wait to read about my Taiwan trip and I think is better to write an overview before I write in details about every interesting destinations I went some time in future. Oh ya~ About Meatball Turtle, it is belong to Meatball (my elder sister)! So, go and say HI to her!

Here we go by looking through places I have visited at Taichung (3 days 2 night) in this entry!

See how 10 of us exploring Taiwan within 6 days 5 nights!

- Feng Jia (逢甲), TaiChung -

Like the words on the billboard, Feng Jia street really crazily happening during the night and especially when it was getting late! 逢甲瘋街了! Crowded with handsome and pretty youngsters during the night, that area was totally different during the day which was silent and not much shops start operating before 11.00am.

- Feng Jia Night Market -

One of the street at Feng Jia Night Market with more small eateries (小食)stalls and less restaurants we could see over there/ around night markets area in Taiwan. Varieties of small eateries that we can have a bite while walking along the street, no worry of being hungry YOU KNOW OR NOT?! 

We had so much on the first day with foods and beverages while walking along the street. With the hot weather and heaty foods, therefore, drinking plenty of water/ juice is a must! Oh my, eating small eateries for days were killing me and I didn't had much after my first night. :P

- Snail Onion Pancake -

LOLzz! :D Naive us thought it was really made of Snail, but actually NOT, it is only the figure and the appearance which looks like one.

FYI, Night Market in Taiwan are super huge and be prepared to walk a lot as a tourist!! And one more tips, fashionable items such as clothes are easily found and price was quite reasonable (basically a simple piece of top may cost NT250 as an average pricing), but if you manage to visit Taipei, go and shop there!! Personally, I prefer to shop at malls, however I did choose some pieces from the small outlets at night markets too, both TaiChung and TaiPei. :) (Likewise, they told me not to bring much clothes and yea~ I brought less clothes to Taiwan and started wearing all the new ones after the short trip at TaiChung.) ;)

- Sun Moon Lake (日月潭)-

Personally, Sun Moon Lake will be one of the must visit place with beautiful scenery and boat cruising. Experiencing the authentic herbal egg is a must at SyuanGuang Temple (玄光寺). *Yummy!* Besides, we did experienced the native performance there too.

Hiring a driver with reasonable charges to bring us around will be nice for tourists and our friendly driver, Brother Zhang (张哥哥) drove us to visit few interesting places (not only 18'C, but also a few souvenir outlets too) and experiencing interesting stuffs on our journey from Feng Jia to wherever we were heading to and vice versa.

- Must have Beef Noodles while visiting Taiwan (any restaurant will do) -

Hiring a driver will ease all of us and not wasting our precious time by hopping into public transportation and heading to our destination which normally located far from one and another. In short, hiring a driver allow us to visit more interesting places!! And eating different kind of foods too!

- 18'C Feeling Eighteen -

Brother Zhang brought us to eat ice cream (Above: NT80 per cup) and it was fruity-licious! There was a touching story behind the outlets that I was told by meatball yesterday. :'( 18'C was operated by the owner as a remembrance to his son who died at the age of 18. Furthermore, do try their TRUFFLES, it was SO GOOD!

Okay~ I'm gonna stop here and stay tuned for the overview on my Taipei (3 days 2 nights) trip! For those who will be visiting Taiwan, please do some "homework", so that you will know what kind of holiday you want to have in Taiwan, either shopping more (Shopping paradise) or visiting interesting places (I like most and I could see the true face of Taiwan from there) less and vice versa.


p/s : Read more about Meatball's thoughts on her Taiwan trip here (click)! And in case you didn't notice, I have added another Page on my Blog namely "My Travelogue - Eye on the World", read more about it here (click)!


  1. Woohoo!! I'm going next excited! LOL. I want to see what you recommend too =P

  2. Yea! I can see U are excited! :D
    Just read those words I have written, u might found it come in handy o. ;)

  3. Yup!!! Fruitylicious ice cream!