Thursday, September 1, 2011

The Last Pasar Imbi Breakfast Entry, K.L.


How was your holidays? Mine were fine, meeting up friends for a cup of tea and had so much sleep today. :P

Oh yea~ Back to my KL trip on last May, 2011 for my awesome Convocation. ;)

As usual, for the past two (2) trips to KL, friends in KL will bring us (family or anyone of us) to Pasar Imbi for their local breakfast. Cheap and tasty. NYUM!

So... here I go with my two (2) visits of nice breakfast we had and other delicacies that I have come across with!

- Fried Fish Cakes and Stuffed Vegetables -

- Hainanese Tea -

- Hainanese Bread -

Typical Hainanese Tea and Bread by Hainanese Coffee Shop. Can't stop loving Hainanese Tea! The must have when we visit Pasar Imbi. :)

- Char Kway Teow with Mee -

:/ I didn't tried this one but my dad did. It scared me when I saw it looks like this!

High cholesterol breakfast to start with and the colour looks.. scary.... -_____-"

- Different kind of Chinese Cakes -

- Dumplings -

- Popiah -

It is a type of delicacies which is quite famous in West Malaysia and now-a-days, it can be found in KK too! Influence by other places as we can see.

- Nom Nom -

Part off the foods we bought for our breakfast! :) Looks tempting and taste good too! :)

UNFORTUNATELY,  Pasar Imbi will be closed down in near future or maybe it was closed down by now? Many stalls started to move out after being confirmed that, the piece of land of Pasar Imbi was bought by a group of Company and by forced, they need to move to other places which I DO NOT KNOW WHERE WILL IT BE. :(

How sad was that? :(

No more nice and cheap breakfast like Pasar Imbi in KL for my future trip to KL. 

Dear readers, any suggestions of nice breakfast in KL for my next visit? Except for Petaling Street. :P


  1. Hehehe... are driving in KL ?? You can try go to Kuchai Lama... There have a restaurant which sell Dim Sum...I forget the name dy ,sry. But this restaurant quite special.. You not only can have their Dim Sum in early morning, but in the midnight also can... I still rmb for the past I went there at 3.00am and they are still opening with quite a number of customers too.. If I'm not mistaken it's oppposite Paparich... btw, I have followed your blog ya.. keep in touch ^^

  2. Hallo!
    Neh~ I don't drive in Kl, but my mom have friends there. ;)
    Maybe i should try recommend to her friends about that place. hehehhe

    Keepi in touch swettie~

  3. I heard that Imbi Pasar is closing down, so I googled about it and spotted your blog.

    Love the food there a lot and I plan to visit there on the 2nd of September! :)

    thanks for the info yea!
    do check out my blog if you are free!


  4. After seeing all your pics, my head just went, "Omm Nom Nom Nom Nom..." wuahahaa.

    How does Hainanese Tea tastes like? Is it the same with the bread? ;P

    Wow, Char Kway Teow... that would be an awesome breakfast for me. That one can stand until afternoon hahaa.

    btw, happy Friday Meitzeu! and have a great weekend ahead!

  5. foods!!! oh they're look so hungry! haha.
    happy merdeka raya! ^^

  6. Baboon: You are welcome! Sure! Will visit U!
    Armstrong: Hahaha :D Hainanese Tea very nice to drink one, there's few Hainanese coffee shop here in KK u may try!

    Happy Weekend Arms!

  7. Aemy: hahaha :D yup! All of them taste good! :)

  8. What a travel blog you have here Mei Tzeu. Life is all about enjoying and learning :)

  9. Agree with you Addy! :) And THank You!