Thursday, August 18, 2011

【台湾游玩记】 你好台湾! Fun In Taiwan : Hello from Taiwan!

Hey! Finally I got internet line from the hotel I'm staying in Taipei.

The first day I've reached Taipei, our driver drove us directly to Taichung, super busy street at Feng Jia.

OMG! Taiwan is so crowded here. I'm blurred with the currency the first day. :P

Oh yea! I saw bitter nut girls (槟榔妹)!

Okay okay... A little update of the day, toodles! ;)

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  1. hey say hello from me to Taiwanese! ^^
    have a nice trip! ^^

  2. hantam photos ah.. lol.. enjoy yourself there! :)

  3. Ok till now I still wonder what you do for a living...

    The other day over there, now here. You're like travelling 24/7. That's impossible hahaa.

  4. Aemy: Yea~ I told them already! :D

    Ken: little bit hantam lor... heheh... by email thru phone bah~~ :P Thank you oo~~

    Armstrong : I'm working full time as an ordinary staff. And over the weekend will be helping out my sister with the tour Company and flying all to other places are on my expenses. :)

    Didn't travel 24/7, but update my post quite slow. :P