Sunday, August 7, 2011

An Eye Opener through The 6th Sabah International Folklore Festival 2011

It was not the first Sabah International Folklore Festival (SIFF) held in Sabah as what you can see from the header.

I believe that they have gained so much experiences from the past few years and making the current event successful as what I have seen the other night during their first day of competition.

Personally, I love cultures and colours, as for those who love what I love, certainly you will love this entry with videos and photographs. :)

- Batik Painting -

An introduction on our native culture of Sabah before the show started and some snacks to be purchased before the show.


- Cloth making -

It happened last minute when meatball asked me whether am I interested to go and it was FOR FREE as her friend got them and offered a ticket more for the meaningful treat, thought I would not have the chance to attend the event again this year. From what I have remembered, Meatball told me before that the past SIFF which she attended were AWESOME during the competition held! 

AND it make me even more interested to experience the wonderful folklore dances by foreigners all over the world. :)

- The 6th Sabah International Folklore Festival 2011 held at Sabah Cultural Centre, Penampang -

 * Burger : Hi readers!

:P I was sharing Burger with Meatball that night.... as our dinner.

- Warmest welcoming -

By folklore dancers of 18 places (including countries) all over the world and places as in small towns in a huge country also in the list. :)

I never expected the event was such happening and has been well managed, the best part was we were allowed to wear casual attires like short pants. haha :D

- Live Band accompanying us -

Before the official show started, live band was there to calm the bored atmosphere.

- Mascot of 6th SIFF! -

The first mascot of SIFF after few years and FYI, they did performed on the second (last) day of the competition but I did not attend it. :( However, meatball did attend and I heard it was quite good!

Okay, cut the long winded explanation here and going to show you more photographs here and there. I only select a few because there were too much amazing one :(

- Local performers from Penampang before the official event started -

- All the contestants all over the world! -

From Taiwan, China, Korea, Russia, Turkey etc etc... and I'm so hype and can't wait for the show to start!
Watch the video below and you will know which countries participated in that meaningful event. :)

- It looks fine, doesn't it? -

- Malaysia -

Neh~ They didn't take part in the competition.

- Belgium -

Watch the video below with Performance by Belgium with our famous local song - Sayang Kinabalu!

- Belgium -

- Taiwan -

AMAZING performance I tell you! They caught our attention with so much "stunts" they did and one of it was the above!

- Namibia -

Watch the video below too!

- Namibia -

- Philippines -

- Indonesia -

- Slovakia -

- Kazakhstan -

- Closing Ceremony for the first night -

Overall, I really love most of the folklore dances performed by the international performers. It really an eye opener and make me understand more about the culture of the other countries which includes countries that we may not able to visit in our lifetime within few hours of performance.

It was a great event that everyone will be enjoying themselves if they attended SIFF, more to come in the coming years. No worry. ;) And it will be awesome if we could attend the competition on  those two consecutive days with the same performers but different folklore dances. :)

Can't wait for the coming one and hope I didn't forget to notice about it somehow!


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