Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Extension Launching PARTY at PARTY PLAY Lifestyle Cafe, Lintas!

Dominic: "Hey... Tomorrow party play extension launching party you are invited ya... Party starts at 7.00pm!! Please bring along friend too. Cheers~" 

Aww~~ That was nice when I received an invitation via Facebook from Dominic, the owner of Party Play on Sunday night. Never expected it and I did turned up together with meatball and her friends. :)


- Party Play, Lifestyle Cafe -

Personally, I do love the concept and once in a while, you will read my new updates about the foods I have attempted at the restaurant. Quite amusing & interesting dishes for me and can be found there.

- Hayden a.k.a. Shin Chan & me -
Unexpectedly, I bumped in to Hayden, another blogger who I knew personally as a friend since the first review of an event together previously. Quite a nice person that I knew from blogging. :)

- Desserts -

Foods served were ALL FREE and non the least, free flow of drinks that night and great thing to know that there were free flow of alcohols till 10.00pm that night! And party people were partying all night long. :D

All the photographs here were credited to Hayden and 

do check out his blog for the extension launching party HERE with FOOD & MORE PHOTOGRAPHS! 

Oh yea~ Not forgotten, we DID LEAVE OUR SIGNATURE THERE TOO!

- Bloggers in action! -

I did have fun with the food and I think all of us were!

Official Website : Party Play Lifestyle Cafe.


  1. I've passed by this cafe a long time ago, that time, not much people yet... but it seems it's getting really famous huh... :)

    Ola there Mr Hayden, I like your shirt hehee...

    Hmm all bloggers ka over there...

  2. Yup! The restaurant full house during the night with reservation and stuff oo~~

    Haha ;D I like his shirt too. COol!

    No la... Not all bloggers there. I think some are. :D

  3. uina,di seblah mana juga ni?? ^_^.v..

  4. Hi there Armstrong! thanks for the compliment. i got the shirt from Citymall 369 t-shirt store ;)

  5. ooo can i forgot about this party..this party play is near with my house o.O huhu :( and it's all FREE? gosh~~the desserts, oh tempting me! haha...

    anyway, my favourite from this outlet is the chocolate fondant...yummeh! glad you had a great time there. :)

  6. awwsome party! oh i haven't go to party since party doesn't count..hehe...
    the desserts look yummie!! and i agree with Arms, Hayden's shirt is cool!

  7. Aki : Di Lintas PLaza!

    Michelle : Yup! Its FREE! Aww~~ I tried the choc fondant too. *slurp*

    Aemy: LOLzz. U gonna go and "party" over there! Hahha. :D cool right? Astroboy!