Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Breakfast at Bella Italia, Jalan Gaya, K.K., Sabah

It wasn't good to be sick on the last few days of deadline. :(

I'm feeling horrible with the tummy and headache with warm face today. Knocked out upon arrival at home & just woke up looking red and hot on my face.  In short, whole body is in pain too until now...

- Coffee, Jam and Butter from Bella Italia -

- Croissant and Egg from Bella Italia -

Planned to have breakfast with meatball before the Shopaholics Bazaar started on last Saturday. It's only cost RM5.80 for all the above. 

Good thing for us who do not wish to have heavy breakfast.

Hmm... Gonna wait for T to fetch me and go for dinner later. :(


  1. lama dah tak mkn croissant. huhu

  2. I think your Muslim buddies are gonna skip for blog for whole month... wakakaa jaz kidin.

    Now that's what I call BREAKFAST... the egg just completes it.

  3. the breakfast looks good... have not tried eating at bella italia yet...

  4. gotta love the croissant and egg, sunny side up! :)

  5. Hey~~ Yea!! Great breakfast the other I had, not too heavy too. :)
    Go and enjoy the feel at bella italia, you will sure enjoy it there. :)

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