Monday, August 15, 2011

Back to the Olden Days with Dinner at Sek Yuan Restaurant (适苑酒家), Jalan Pudu, KL.

The nicest thing to do during my KL trip was shopping and eating. Especially if I was there with both of my parents, their friends will surely bring us to taste something extraordinary and nothing much disappointment if we join them for dinner. :)

After having a walk at Bukit Bintang area, finally its time for DINNER! 

Mom's friend, Alex dated mom in advance asked us to meet up with him at Sek Yuan Restaurant, Jalan Pudu which we never attempted their food before.

 - Sek Yuan Restaurant, without air-conditioned -

Sek Yuan Restaurant started their business since 60 years ago for the first outlet without air-conditioned. Heard that their even hang old photographs inside the restaurant.

- Sek Yuan Restaurant with air-conditioned -

However, we went to its branch which located next to the main one and the second branch started operating since 40 years. 

Both of them are old and the design inside will be something familiar too.

- The Restaurant with air-conditioned -

Now you understand what am I talking about? 

The design of the interior was something familiar that I encounter with when I was little. What an old designed restaurant in the middle of KL. And wait till you see it yourself, even the waiter and waitress wearing old school designed blouses. *interesting*

- Lantern -

Even the lantern/ light looks traditional/ old schooled.

Or, should I say, every corner I saw old fashioned design and furniture?

- Pre-ordered menu -

As for those extraordinary dishes as above, pre-order need to be done one day before to prevent disappointment. Eg. Various Pork dishes, duck dishes, prawns and etc...

As for the following, those were the dishes we had during dinner. Food was good and the dessert was refreshing!

- Pi Pa Duck 枇杷鸭 -

From what I heard, the duck skin should be crunchy and as for the meat, it was still okay for us that day and they told me that, normally the duck will taste very good!

- Sweet and Sour Fish -

- Mixed Vegetables with Oysters -

 - Ma Po Tauhu 麻坡豆腐 -

- Syrup Jelly with Longan Dessert -

Aww~~~ I never had this nice refreshing dessert in Chinese restaurant before! Yummy! And I had two bowl of it!

- The Charges -

Foods served was good and extraordinary Chinese dishes that I have encountered for some. And as for the price that the dinner cost, it was reasonably cheap for 6 persons  with RM144.80 only, if compared to the high price in KK! 

Thank you Alex for the awesome treat that night, all of us were satisfied with the food you know. :)


No. 313, Jalan Pudu, 55100 KL.


  1. Yummy..loving the remind me of Robson Height Restaurant...

    Anyway, u have a cool blog here. I always want to blog about food and travel perhaps yours can be one of the inspiration for me :)

  2. Aww~~ Such a sweet comment you have written here. :) Thank you! Yea! Hopefully I could inspire you on all the trips and food attempt I did. ;)