Thursday, August 25, 2011

CLOSED - All You Can Eat CRABS, Bella Italia, KK

Remember that I participated the Shopaholic Bazaar held for 3 days continuously until Sunday, 30th July, 2011?

I went off earlier on Sunday and bought my parents dinner at Bella Italia in conjunction with the "All You Can Eat Crabs" promotion and FYI, it was the last day of the promotion on the same day too.

- Bella Italia, Jalan Gaya -

With RM35.00 per person, we could have all the four different cooking style of crabs with additional side dishes. And if we could finish all on the same night, I will say "THAT'S CRAZY & HUGE TUMMY YOU GOT THERE!!" 

The crab fest was satisfying and we managed to have 2 different cooking style of crabs with additional side dishes as you scroll further. :)

- Table presentation -

The table and seats that prepared for us was grand and huge (in a "room" with see through glass). However, we did switched to a smaller table to blend in with other dining guests.

Thank you Bella Italia for preparing us such a grand seats for us before we switches to another smaller table that night.

- Crabs waiting to be cooked -

Here's what we had that night! Its satisfying dinner prepared by Chef Leo!


- Garlic Butter -

- Buttered Vegetables -

- Spaghetti Alio e olio -

- Sweet and Sour -

Crabs were good and my dad was happy when he was having his crabs!

Satisfying our taste buds for that night!

nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom

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Jesselton Hotel, #69 Jalan Gaya, 
88000 Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.


  1. i love crabs!! i wouldn't mind to eat it for a lifetime! haha. that place is great! i'm gonna eat there someday ^^

  2. go go go! It was nice dining in there! :)