Thursday, August 4, 2011

Afternoon Tea at The Loaf, Pavilion KL with Them :)

I think readers will be drooling for the food entries that I have posted every where I have visited~ hehe :P

I'm feeling much better today, slightly a little headache and little butterfly inside my tummy still around the corner.


- The Loaf Bistro & Bakery, Pavilion KL -

FYI, I went to KL and Malacca few months ago in May (Sorry for the late updates, I got so much to post about Sabah's happening bah!) and can't forget to bring my parents to go there for a chilling time together with me after my first visit during November 2010 to The Loaf.


- First visit of the week - 

From KK to KL, I still love to have afternoon tea! Just like Ken from asked me before, I think is a norm FOR ME after all the afternoon teas I have posted. :P Even when I'm at my mom's shop in the afternoon, a cup of Teh C shall completes my afternoon too. *I know you would be speechless (=_=") or LOL-ing (:D) by now* 

Hmm~ I think I will be searching for cafe(s) to chill during my Taiwan trip too!! Oh my! I'm extremely excited about it and its getting nearer day by day!

Beverages served at The Loaf were reasonable priced that you won't felt so much pain in your wallet, even when you bring your loves one for an afternoon tea. Loves one mean.... your darling or your babe lar! Or your parents and friends lor~ :P

Dated Xiu Xiu for lunch and tea session and of course SHOPPING too with both of my parents before meeting our ex-classmate for small gathering cum graduation dinner. :)


- Cappuccino (RM8.00) -

-The Second visit the The Loaf on the same week -

The second visit to The Loaf would be sitting at their fine dining restaurant.

- Tiramisu (RM9.00) -

Overall, drinks we had was okay~ Quite different desserts and breads that I could try over there with reasonable pricing and environment.

Oh yea~ About the Tiramisu they served.. a bit odd did you see that at your first sight? Mom was complaining it and it was such a small portion. LOLz Not that favour by us either. :)

Any way, I still recommend this place that I love to have a cup of tea to my friends!! Some of them didn't noticed it until I bring them there. ;)

Sip Sip, afternoon tea anyone?


  1. another good-looking afternoon tea session! i wish those are provided in my office :P

  2. haha ;D You go and buy, sure you can have it! hehehe

  3. Everything shown in the pics looks so tempting.

  4. i miss the sugar bread (sugar toppings lol watever its called) i love bread :(

  5. hahaha ;D Name is not important but food and explaining it, is the point! hahah