Thursday, July 28, 2011

Typical Chinese Cuisine from Supertanker Chinese Restaurant, Bundusan, Sabah.

If you have been following my Twitter or blog for quite sometime, you will noticed that I will normally visit this Chinese Restaurant with my family and with the same uncle (my dad's brother) who love this restaurant once in a while, especially when there's celebration.

My uncle love to keep in touch with my family, for afternoon low tea or dinner during the night. And last month, during Fathers' Day, he did "dated" us for Fathers' Day celebration, mom and aunt reserved a table and us as the Children who were having dinner together... you know what we should do right? LOLzz! PAY THE BILL!

Now you know we are closed to each other. :)

- Cold Dish -

My mom and aunt discussed and selected one of the Fathers' Day dinner package which has been prepared by the Restaurant. It was quite convenient and we could try something new which we might not think of from the usual dishes we had. ;)

I do love the first dish as usual for wedding and celebration in Chinese Restaurant, served with Jelly Fish, Abalone, Spring Rolls and Stir Fried Eggs.

- Steam Fish -

- Double Happiness Chicken -

Herbal Chicken and Honey Fried Chicken Chicken.

- Mixed Vegetables with Seafood -

I'm not sure what was the clam type of seafood cooked with the vegetables. Anyway, I love to eat the broccoli and the seafood!

- Satay Prawns -

I never tried those before. The prawns were huge with a little stuffing on its head and having fresh sweet prawn meat when I was munching it. Each person (10 of us) could only have one or two prawns and of course dads will be having more than us!

- Lotus Fried Rice -

A little disappointed when we had it. The rice was over cooked! I think the chefs were too busy cooking in the kitchen. :/

- Soft Shell Crabs -

I like it!

- Fried Durian as Dessert -

I had it before during my trip at Jonker Street, Malacca but this one nicer, freshly fried with cold Durian Stuffing inside. Nyum!

- Tiramisu Cake from Le Meridien, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah -

Happy Fathers' Day to both of them and in short, respect to all Fathers even though its an ordinary working day or weekend. ;) Once in a while, date the parents for Dim Sum Breakfast or others, for sure they will be happy! ;)

Click here for the old post of mine using BB smartphone for those photographs, doesn't look attractive and yummy like this entry for today. ;P


  1. well, the tiramisu cake is definitely not a typical dish :P

  2. LOL, your friends didn't complain that you have to take pic of all the food but they are hungry? I experienced that before haaha.

  3. LOlzzz! Yea! They did complain, but I just took a few fast snap only bah.
    My dad always say, aiyo.. always snap, the food doesn't smell good lor. haha

  4. The cold dish is my fav, esp the soft and gooey brown squids.