Thursday, July 21, 2011

Trees Thursday : What Did You Do with Your RM5.00?

Swff** Was busying with work for past few days due to over piled of deadlines! Trying to work out the music fest's post but I have no time until now or in the next few days! :D Stay tuned, okay?


Here goes for my Trees for Thursday. :)

If a small amount of money could help this beautiful Earth or people around, I will more grateful to participate myself in playing my part.

Chloe asked us (the family) whether we want to donate trees or not with only RM5.00 per tree! 

YES! I told her!

RM5.00 not too expensive for a small tree doesn't it? I have donated 2 trees (I know... not much, but when everyone of us donating one, two or more, there will be more and more green living trees around) for the campaign that she was the ambassador the other day.


We live in this Earth, therefore we should be the one who love it and protecting our environment! An individual donate a tree as a good deed or doing any other similar low or zero cost (e.g. Plastic free Campaign as in using the Recycle Bag during shopping or even throw that little piece of rubbish in to the correct recycle bin and so on... That's thousand of methods to love this Earth la... No need me to sound granny here!) and we could sustain the life of this Earth, how nice? (Aw~ Its sounds like an advert here. :P)

For more information : Check out : Wild Borneo Expeditions!

And read more about the campaign here : Plant for the Planet: Billion Tree Campaign!

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  1. Nice.. saya paling tia suka tu bakul plastik.. ada lagi orang buang merata2.. sa mo beli 10 la nanti balik sabah.. ^_^.v..