Tuesday, July 12, 2011

【沙巴玩】 亚庇 - 老街壁画 Fun in Sabah - Graffiti Pillars in Kota Kinabalu (near Gaya Street)

Each time when I passes by our very own graffiti pillar in the middle of Kota Kinabalu City, I told myself that I should at least take some photographs like tourists!

And finally, I did it like tourists who came from all over the world. :)

- The whole building is covered with graffiti! -

A building located next to Standard Chartered Bank and before reaching Gaya Street with an extraordinary piece that painted by talented artist in town! *claps claps*

- The Abundant Building -

FYI, this building is old and it is known as one of the building that has been left behind since World War II which I have understood by our tourist guide during my KK Heritage Walk tour months ago! KK Heritage Walk is one of the recommended tour to understand more about the heritage of Kota Kinabalu, The Nature Resort City.

It is a heritage of ours that not much people noticed! With a mixture of modern and traditional building when we passes that area. And for sure each tourist will have the chance to see this beautiful building when they visit Kota Kinabalu. :)

- The Expression of Borneo in Graffiti -

Each paint on the wall amuses me. Its beautiful by expressing the living creatures, the people, lifestyle, feelings and etc of ours and of course BORNEO!!

- BORNEO living creatures -

Another way to let us know more about Borneo with a glance.

It is the creativity of our local people here!

- Graffiti -

Personally, I love most of the paint on the wall especially the above where we could see this beautiful animated figures from the main road while we passes by for shopping!

Tell me, what do you see from above? There's so much to talk about!

-  不爽 (Dissatisfaction) -

This word suit me most lately, too much negative issues that have been surrounding us, the people, the political issue etc etc. In other words, July is full of ups and downs from personal, events and world wide news.

That's sad doesn't it? If you know what am I referring to. :(


  1. oowwwhhh.... i know where is this... hahahaha... there is some graffiti d when i left.. but now looks even more nicer!!! miss the place..

  2. Hehe :) I make u misses here. :P yup! I think they did add in more paints on those pillars! But, there's some additional paint by stupid people on those nice paint u know or not. Destroyers who is SK!

  3. quite cool ah.. i only see crappy ones around KL :P

  4. You look like a tourist too....^^

    BTW. I didn't manage a picture there the last time i was in Sabah. Sob~~

    Too bad~~~maybe i should drop by some other time....

  5. yea babe... u made me miss there more n more.. feel like flying back there now...such a wonderful pretty place...
    yer... y those ppl so bad one... spoil those nice things only.. sigh

  6. Ken : :) Yup! Very cool, I only saw graffiti at Bukit Bintang area when I passes by the roadside.

    Jong : hehehe ;) People always thought that! Yea! You should come to Sabah again!

    Yin : Don't know them la. Maybe they have itchy hand.

    Amir: Ini Sabah bah!! Awesome!

  7. Hi Meitzeu, you have a great blog. Really nice pictures. Would you be interested in a link exchange? Let me know to send you info on my site ^^


  8. Keep up the good work to promote our motherland and beautiful land. Proud huh to be Sabahan a lot of thing can explore and expose to foreign people. Thanks for sharing the articles with us. God bless.

  9. Catherine: Thank you!

    Ms. Littlewing: Yup! Borneo, where there's lots of places to explore. I hope the Government will protect out land like before!!! :)

  10. Indeed. My big hope that our state government especially Sabah Tourism will do something about it to protect our wonderful homeland.