Tuesday, July 19, 2011

【沙巴游】 亚庇 Fun in Sabah : Kota Kinabalu - The Green Connection, where I meet GANGSTER!

Once again I went to The Green Connection for the visiting together with a group of local students and not forgotten - THP (Don't forget to click "like" on their page, so that you could be one of the lucky to receive surprise and worthwhile giveaway when it reaches 333 likes!!) too!

Anyway, I still love to visit Green Connection Aquarium, whereby we could see and gained a lot of information about the eco-treasures of Sabah. Click here to view my first exciting visit of mine at Green Connection, by comparing with my previous visit, they have added more creatures now.

- The Green Connection and Science Discovery Lab -

Saw the Sharks, the Leopard Ray, the Turtle and other creatures? All of them are waiting for us to visit!

I have seen them personally and the Green Connection certainly a place for young and old and of course to all nature lovers too!

- Environmental Message Tree -

Over time, with the overwhelming introducing to all, the place has gained its popularity and visitors from all over the world visited there and leaving messages day by day! Even the locals love the place too. ;)

Remember I told you about the Huge Tank/ Aquarium which they were going to start with later on and having Sharks in it on my first Green Connection's entry? 

FINALLY! Everything were settled and IT WAS AWESOME!!

- The Fish Feeding Aquarium Show! -

The Fish Feeding Show was AWESOME!! And it was great meeting GANGSTER, the green turtle in the Aquarium! So, now you know "who" is GANGSTER! LOLz.

It was named Gangster, simple because of its nervous attitude towards FOODS!! Gangster always be the one nearest to and chasing the diver and keep his mouth to those food! You might be laughing if you saw it personally. Diver was playing with Gangster, the Sting Ray and all those fishes in there. How I wish I'm in there too! It surely FUN! Unfortunately, I forgotten to take the video of the Fish Feeding Show. My bad. :(

- Fish Feeding Aquarium Show -

Fun and informative explanation by the representative of Green Connection and students were having fun snapping photographs! FYI, those were some of the students who THP were handling while others sitting and standing behind.

The Aquarium is like a super huge television for us to sit back and enjoy the show!

FYI, the Diver and Gangster even showing us that they were "hugging"! So cute! :)

- Meet the Snakes! -

Say Hi to the Borneo Long-Tail Python and Borneo Short-tail Python!

Borneo Short-tail Python was cute! I took photograph with it at both of my visiting, but not with "T" (which I found it was quite interesting on my first visit) on my second visit. I just wondered, why there were not many students who were willing to take photographs with it. :/

- Meet the Snakes -

Watch that video to see the students who took photographs with the Snake! 

- Sea Turtle! -

- Corals -

Colourful and beautiful corals that we could see there! Even though some of it looks like dead but actually it is not!

- Explanation by Representative regarding the Corals -

- Stone Fish -

It really looks like Stone! Imagine if it was under the sea with all the corals with different colours.

- Baby Sharks -

They are beautiful! And I could see them in very close distance!

- Interesting -

I managed to take a few snaps of it before the students scares them away!

- Feel it -

Oh man~ Everything we saw and touch were real at Green Connection!

- World Map -

Saw that coloured little stickers? Those were the visitors all over the world who stuck on the map as an evidence that they came to visit Green Connection.

- Sea world -

I walked out earlier before the students do and I requested Meatball to help me took this!

The Sting Ray is smiling at you! :)

- Notes on Environmental Message Tree -

Satisfying with the educational tour and one of the leader took the effort to write down few words before she leave the place.

- GANGSTER, the Green Turtle -

The Green Connection is a wonderful and educational based center to create awareness and educate people with the eco-treasure of ours. 

Okay~ I'm going to stop here. Gangster waving to all of you readers! Bye!

Check out their facebook for more updates! - The Green Connection.

*Tour with Tropical Holidays Paradise.


  1. the pics where you took directly at the aquarium, they look like it's taken from a diver.. haha.. the glass must be very clean and clear :)

  2. :) Hehe I took the turtle pic with near distance. I walked further to the aquarium. Its beautiful right? :)

  3. Thanks for the info. Im going sabah soon, I must visit this place and see Gangster personally. LOL

  4. :D yea! And visit other turtles too. Very cute! Btw, remember to check for the fish feeding / aquarium show's time from their website$ ;)

  5. never been to the green connection, didnt even know this place existed. Fail sabahan :(

  6. The sting ray so cute ni!! Btw whr is Green Connection?? O.O I have nvr been there also oh!!

  7. Henry and Bev: green connection located at Jalan Tuaran. Enter from Wisma Wanita, where few associations are there, Girl guide, Red crest, st john ambulance. I thought many ppl know that place! Hehehe :D
    The creatures there are sooo cute!