Monday, July 4, 2011

Lazy Saturday with Dark Chocolate Fondant at Party Play Lifestyle Cafe ;)

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Oh well~ 

The weather out there is still raining on and off since morning and encouraged me to write another afternoon tea I had previously even more. When I look at the Coffee in the photograph I posted here, I wanted to touch it so badly and have a sip of that coffee. *Imagining* while I'm feeling cold here in my room but I think we gonna have a good night sleep tonight!

Once again I went to Party Play (PP) located at Lintas for their meal and this time I'm having afternoon tea with my elder sister (meatball). A lazy Saturday certainly meant for ME to be lazy, chilling out with a cup of tea or dessert or maybe shopping with friends and family! *indulging and relaxing* And I almost make meatball surrender herself from having tea with me almost every week! hehehe :P

- Earl Grey Tea for me and Coffee for meatball -

Since we were done with our facial session earlier that afternoon, we went to PP which located quite near with our Beauty centre for a cup of drink. That's meatball fingers, so small. :D

- Various Tea for selection -

Its quite reasonable pricing that I have seen and in comparison with other similar Cafe and lounge. We could request for additional hot water if we want. :) So, our tea session will be loooOonger by then! :D

- Dark Chocolate Fondant with Milk Ice Cream (RM10.00) -

Argghhh! Finally, I got my Dark Chocolate Fondant since the first time I visited PP during November 2010. I was drool and craved for it by looking at their menu at my first visit and it was so tempting. Mmm~~ And its my turn to taste it for the first time! Nice presentation while Presentation really plays a huge role while serving customers. :)

- Dark Chocolate Fondant -

The first cut was the chocolate melting from inside flowing out from the middle of the cake. Perfect baking time needed for dark chocolate fondant to be done and served.

Its really seen like a lava alright. Oh yea!! Lava Cake!!

- Dark Chocolate Fondant with Milk Ice Cream -

The second cut will be for me to enter my mouth and have a taste of this tempting cake.

The cake was served hot while the "lava" was warm. Good combination and I'm liking it especially when I dipped it with the cold milk ice cream. Feels like melting you see...

Yea! I will have it again in my future visits! Its not like pudding which once I had from Grazie but PP served it like a combination of Chocolate Cake with running chocolate!

- Party Play Lifestyle Cafe at Lintas -

The Cafe for younger generation of us for gathering and what so ever! It's crowded during the night and it seems like always full house over there. FYI, PP extended their outlet and going to serve more people like us!

You know what? I'm actually craving to have my FIRST MACAROON OR MACAROONS! When can I have a bite? :/

Surfing around the internet and I found PP new official website that just been launched! - click!

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  1. hi there, i have just followed your blog..i hope you can follow me back..u have a nice blog here..
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  2. Ken : COme Come~

    Andrik: Thank you for praising. :)

  3. Yup! It's a nice food indeed!

  4. u hv to try the sesame snap instead..i will wait for the sesame snap review..haha..