Saturday, July 16, 2011

Indulging English Tea with illy Coffee at The Lounge, Le Meridien Hotel, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah

Having afternoon tea certainly is my favorite indulging session of all time.

Before I stepped in to The Lounge of Le Meridien Kota Kinabalu, I was complaining about "Why there is no Coffee Art serving in K.K?!" I was envy towards friends at KL were sipping coffee with beautiful coffee art on it. And one day, meatball's friends who love to enjoy her life (somehow she could enjoy herself by her own) told me that Le Meridien serving illy Coffee and they have Coffee Art too! And it caught my attention!

One Saturday afternoon when few of us, my mom, meatball and I have completed our tasks of the day were free in the afternoon, ended up having afternoon tea session at The Lounge. Meatball and I suggested mom that we will be paying for the bill later, so mom can just sit back and relax :) Looking through the menu and who knows what we saw?? There was promotional price on English Afternoon Tea set (includes two cup of black coffee/ tea (optional)) at RM38.00 for 2 persons from 3.00pm to 6.00pm.

- Cappuccino -

I had Cappuccino and there was Coffee Art on it, but..... I can't guess what was the art's figure was. It was a Sun maybe? *wondering* 

The Cappuccino taste awesome!

- Various Drinks made with illy Coffee-

 Price stated on the menu are expensive compared with the usual Cafe I have been through and it would be cheaper/ discounted accordingly if we are the members of Le Meridien.

Any other recommendation for choices besides the usual Cappuccino I had? I wanted to try another flavour, because... I have an experience whereby I ordered Macchiato once and it was only a tiny cup with espresso in it. Die hard**

- English Afternoon Tea Set -

The English Afternoon Tea set was good and shared among three of us. Tarts were yummy, chocolate moist cake not bad too. I like their Scones which were smaller in size and easy to consume compared with the large Scones I had from English Tea House.

Furthermore, the English Afternoon Tea Set comes with two cups of Brewed Coffee and it smell so good when the waiter put in front of my mom. illy Coffee smell good there.

- Scones -

- Triple bottle of Marmalade Jams -

Spreading jam on the scones. Yummy!

- Salmon! -

I love Salmon! It taste good and it was fresh just like it seen. The slices of Salmon were satisfying yo!

- Le Meridien Kota Kinabalu -

The Lounge at Le Meridien KK, a place for indulging a cup of coffee or tea once in a while was AWESOME! A place for dating also great! :P



  1. the coffee pricing sure look pricey.. hehe.. :)

  2. The best breakfast ever? Having coffee art on your coffee lol.

    Salmon! But I still prefer having them on sushi though haaha.

  3. Joanna: Yup! Nyum~

    Armstrong : hehehe :) Should be best afternoon tea type! :D

  4. I like to have the fruit tart! Yummy yummy~