Saturday, July 23, 2011

【沙巴游】 古达:好棒! 婆罗最顶峰音乐会 2011 Fun in Sabah : Kudat - Tip of Borneo Music Festival 2011 was amazing!

 Hey~ My last weekend was busy and tiring but I HAD SO MUCH FUN meeting people from local and tourist from far and enjoyed part of the music fest on that weekend. :) Tourists who I met even shared their thoughts to us about the event!

In my point of view, Tip of Borneo Music Festival 2011 was AWESOME and quite a meaningful event that everyone should at least go to Kudat for once on that special event.

- Music Festival at Tip of Borneo, Kudat -

FYI, in case you saw that girl at the Tip of Borneo Music Festival 2011 Shuttle Bus Service at Likas Square Bus Stop, that would be me! Hello! :D

I was there to assist THP (facebook) (click like on THP page to support their good job!) for both day and on the first day I did bump into my Primary School principal! And we did have a word or two!

- Amazing Beach Scene of Kudat -

The first bus leave at 1.30pm sharp and the second was 15 minutes behind, its all because of last minute guests. 

For hours on the road journey, finally we reached Tip of Borneo at 5.30pm and the show started at 5.45pm sharp! Fuhh*** Luckily we were there on time! We passed by the beautiful clean/ unpolluted white sandy beach of Kudat and OMG! The sky view was amazing with the Sunshine through the Cloud. Unfortunately, some of the guests were freaked out with the uneven road to Tip of Borneo. :( Dear Minister, we really would like to have a better road and introduced to the world about the beautiful place for a night or two.

- Datuk Masidi Manjun - Our honourable Minister of Tourism, Culture & Environment Sabah -

The arrival of Datuk on the first day of the Music Festival and experieced the welcoming by the native people of Kudat - The Men and Women of Rungus Tribe.

- Welcome by the Rungus people -

- The Welcoming shown in the video -

As what I have understood from my mom who was staying overnight at Kudat for two days, the special welcoming by the native people were only on the first day of the event. We were welcomed by them from the entrance to the seats.

- Beautiful traditional custom by The Rungus -

- The Stage and the Grand Seats (RM50.00) -

The grand seats above and the arena seats shown below were occupied by visitors all over the world and locals who came to Kudat for that special event and enjoy their short stay around the beach area and Tip of Borneo.

- Arena seats (RM30.00) with sitting mat included -

No worry, the early birds got a nice spot to view the happening stage performance while other late comers can too! All have equal share of the view. ;)

- Opening Act by Dayang Noraini, the local singer of Sabah -

- A short introduction by Dayang Noraini on the band -

All of the performance did a great job with all the instruments in hand and heavenly vocal that everyone were enjoying especially when the day getting darker.

- The beautiful view of Sunset appearing any time -

I never actually seen such a beautiful Sunset beside the view from Kota Kinabalu City during that hour. And I was actually looking at the Sunset where South China Sea and Sulu Sea are there.

- Jesselton Philharmonic Orchestra (Instrumental) - 

Talented local performers.

- The Sunset I have seen there -

Everyone who went to the Music Fest witnessed the beautiful Sunset which accompanied us through the evening. Breathtaking scene right? That's why I love about Sabah, all the beautiful nature here.

- Jesselton Philharmonic Orchestra (Instrumental) featuring Fred Feraddy A.Okuling -

Local song sang by Fred in traditional Rungus costume. Very nice and I listened to that song before which my dad played or karaoke-ing when he is in the mood.

- A short break -

I never seen this kind of "hanging" stall before. I went forward to have a look and actually they used bamboo to hang all of the snacks and etc.

Vedablu Ice Cream was there! Arghh~ So refreshing after I had my ice cream and adding a little more energy in me. Besides, those I mentioned, we can buy some snacks or eating noodles from the restaurant nearby, we don't want to be hungry while enjoying the music fest right? ;P

Here's a video that I watched from THP facebook page, I did not have the chance to enjoy such a beautiful performance by Roger Wang featuring Angelina Perete (and daughter) - Butterfly Baby! Certainly heartwarming song! Must watch and give her daughter a round of applause! *claps claps* All of them are Sabahan!!

You know what? I playback the video for few times and I still love the song they are singing! Feels like searching for the CD for collection!

- Roger Wang featuring Angelina Perete (and daughter) - Butterfly Baby -

THP assistants were busy through the night or should I say through the weeks and during both of the happening event. Therefore, few of us actually did not sit properly to enjoy the show on Saturday but on Sunday, all of them did enjoyed themselves while I was at home resting and prepare for work on Monday! I wouldn't want to have red eyes during work like what I had on Saturday morning after I had my sleep at 4.00am, don't I? :P

Sing Out Asia - N'jami from Okinawa, Japan -

Sing Out Asia - N'jami from Okinawa, Japan -

The first performers of Sing Out Asia during the second part on the Saturday event. I want to say out LOUD that they were awesome!!! Just play the video below!!

Sing Out Asia - N'jami from Okinawa, Japan -

 - Sing Out Asia - Art Thomya from Thailand -

 He was charming with beautiful vocal and a talented artist to know. I was behind all the crowd, sitting at a corner and listened to his song. He caught all of the audience attention when he sang "Wonderful World" and most of us or should I say all of us who knew that song, sang along together. Aww~~~ It was soo soOoo beautiful. I really enjoyed much when I was sitting there. :')

 - Sing Out Asia - Art Thomya from Thailand and N'jami from Japan -

Play the video and listen to his song, please ignore the lousy quality of my video, I was too far behind. :(

 - Sing Out Asia - Art Thomya from Thailand and N'jami from Japan -

I saw performers were enjoying themselves on stage. That was cool!

In the middle of short relaxation, we were asked to the Canteen for a discussion and its about time to wait for guests before the end of the event. One by one guests walked to the waiting point and the event on the first day ended after 10.30pm. Oh my~

- Beautiful moon (A big one) shining above us that I finally knew how to take it with my Canon - G12 -

Event ended and I reached KK around 3.00am, sorted things out and I could only sleep at 4.00am. It was my first time encounter such late sleeping hour. hehe ;) Blurry me wake up before 9.00am for breakfast with T and his parent, totally don't know how did I managed to drive to the restaurant. :/ LOLz

Great event I would say, even I only enjoyed part of it! I hope next year I could actually sit back and relax while enjoying myself. :)

For more happening photographs of both 16th and 17th July at the music festival, click HERE!


  1. Too bad I not around KK that time. If not, I would like to join.

    By the way, the moon u taking using ur camera, great shot leh. Which mode of camera u using? Even the sunset also nice.

  2. Next year bah~ There will be one too!

    THank you!

    I use the "M" mode with the moon and normal AV mode with the SUnset. ;)

  3. Uits... wa it seems like you had so much fun. And I enjoy the pics! :)

    Too bad I wasn't around Sabah :(

  4. Hehe :) yes! I did enjoyed a lot although really really tiring. Glad you enjoy my pix! ‎​♥

    Next year! Coming around july! There will be the event again and if possible, see you there. :)