Friday, July 1, 2011

Hi there! It's Withinmeitzeu GIVEAWAY for the FIRST TIME!!

Has been wondering about other Bloggers who did giveaway once in a while. 

Maybe this time should be my turn for doing so to thanks all my followers (since it reached more than one hundred followers already) who have been with me for years or just new to my blog here! 

Thank you all!

Its a dark purple bracelet! 

It's a new bracelet that I never wear before on any occasions I went. However, I still love this shiny shiny bracelet. :)

Oh well~~ Now.. there more than hundreds of you and....

Only one follower will receive this giveaway!!!


1. You have to be my FOLLOWER (publicly followed) on Google Friend Connect to eligible yourself in participating this giveaway. 

2. Leave a COMMENT on your love (or hate?) towards my blog and WHY. (NOT BY STATING "WOW... I LIKE YOUR BLOG THEN FULL STOP or similar, so remember to have a glance of my blog (click) first!)

3. State down your NAME, BLOG URL and your EMAIL ADDRESS!!

4. Optional : Do follow my Twitter and tweet about this giveaway and share among other bloggers too! ;)

The giveaways is open to ALL of my followers, locally and internationally. So yea~ Bloggers from any part of the world! :D

**Note that all spammers will be disqualified.**

The winner will be drawn on Thursday, 14th July, 2011!


And Good Luck to everyone who participated!!!

Till then!


  1. I love your blog and you know it! Everytime I read your food reviews, it makes me hungry! xD

    Name : Beverly Tam
    URL :
    Email :
    Twitter :

    Honestly I nvr won a giveaway so try my luck la! hahah! xD

  2. Boleh bah kalau kau! :D

    I love to make you all hungry! and craving for more!

  3. I love reading your travelling post! The foods that you encounter, people around you, interesting things that you see. I seldom get to travel, so reading about your trips is my very own gateway.

    Name: Daniel Chiam

    Just wanted to drop an honest opinion, haha. All the best to everyone =)

  4. I love to read about traveling in ur blog!!! it makes me excited and feel like going there!!!

    Name : Thien wan lei
    Email :


  5. Hi! I'm actually new to your blog. Like just few days new. But I love to read your reviews on foods & your travelling posts! Hehe one day I shall travel to those places too.

    P.S: I'm Bev's friend btw :) hope to meet you soon! xD

    Name: Mary Leong

    Just joining for fun. :D But love that bracelet of yours :P

  6. Thank you thank you to all of U who participated here! And thanks U for the honest n happy comments/ opinions of yours! I'm hype with it! Hehehe

  7. Hellow!
    Im really really a new followers of you.
    But, I can tell you that I loveee ur blog! why?
    cause u shared to us bout your journey, your culinary food, the unique places, it makes me feel like im one of you too,(traveler).
    one day maybe, im gonna be a backpacker and travel arouuuund the world :))

    name: Felicia
    twitter: @pluffys
    followed you and im gonna blog bout this giveaway!

    - xx

  8. hey there sweety... u're really having a pretty nice giveaway wor and the bracelet is really pretty!!!! Loving it now.. though is not in my hand *sigh*

    Why do i Love your blog??errm.. hmm..
    Firstly because of you're my friend to show you my support i follow you! Then 2ndly is because you always go travel here n there, eating good nice food that i would somehow love to go and have a try!
    3rdly...since I left you, then is a good way of 'News Update' lor. :D

    Keep up the good work! *hugs*

    Name: YinYin
    email: yinyin6 at gmail dot com
    blog: got your permission not to publish here :p
    twitter: @yinyin7

    my entry to show my support!!

  9. Hi Felicia! It's really sweet of U for commenting such in here! ;) Yeah!!! I made someone to feel the world is it their hand and make them travel with me by imagining! :)

    And THANK YOU for blogging about this!! Good luck to you and all your blogger friends who take part in it! :)

  10. yin yin!! hahaha :D good one!

  11. blogged it!

  12. Ooooh thanks for your comment dear!
    Very nice blog:)

  13. Hey there, found your blog!

    Name: Florence
    email: lorence_f at hotmail dot com
    twitter: @fantailflo

    Enter me! awesome blog, do visit me!

  14. Err~ The comment.... Where's the "why" answer go?

  15. Name : Ainaa
    URL :
    Email :

    hye , i am new to your blog actually . i did read your blog first , and what makes me love it because the pictures of food ! you really make us readers to get hungry ohhh . seriously , a good pictures of them can make us craving for food .

  16. Name : Joanna Fong
    url :
    email :

    hello, as you already know I found out your blog from digi award, your blog is amazing simply because of the food mainly. it makes me drool all over when i see those scones, which reminds me to bake it during these weekend i hope.

    have a nice day :)

  17. Looking back at this and sad that I didnt win T_T so close yet so far T_T