Monday, July 11, 2011

Hakka Cuisine at Winner Chinese Restaurant at Winner Hotel, K.K., Sabah

My mom and aunt came out with an idea that both of our family will gathered together for dinner during Mother's Day season. Nay~ We didn't actually had our dinner on the actual Mother's Day but we had our dinner on the week after. ;)

For the first time we had our 100% Hakka Cuisine dinner, found it quite tasty with the actual local taste of Sabah here. Heard good comments from mom while she heard from others that the Chinese Restaurant served great Hakka Cuisine and it was my first attempt at the restaurant that I was having dinner since years ago.

Guess what? I actual had my dinner three times straight on the same week and two night were for my cousins' baby full moon dinner. *faint*

- Spring Roll and Meatballs Soup 春卷与肉丸汤 -

The first dished served was superb! Its amazingly taste awesome which I never felt before with the sweetness of the soup.

FYI, the dinner we had that night was booked in advance so that they could prepare all the materials before our dinner. :)

Well, as good as it seen, the below were the other dishes that we had on that night. 

- Fried and Lemon Chicken 双拼鸡 -

I can't remember what did they named it, the fried chicken is their famous signature dish anyway. My parents normally will select it as one of the dish when we are dining at the Chinese Restaurant.

- Pork with Yam 扣肉 -

My dad love it and had so much of it while I'm only had one piece of yam and the whole dish almost cleared by my family and relative. haha :D

- Mutton meat 羊 -

- Onion with Fish slices -

- Mushroom with cauliflower  -

I had so much of this and it was TASTY! I love the mushrooms, it was soft!

- Fried Noodles -

- Tauhu and Spring Roll 豆腐与春卷 -

The famous tauhu and spring rolls that easily found at anyway especially in the morning while having it as side dishes with economic noodles.

- Dessert -

Dessert was okay, not too sweet either and could improve more with the taste. :)

By the time we were having our dessert, we almost fainted because of various dishes that they have ordered for the night! More than enough! And what we had was an AWESOME HAKKA DINNER that you might want to try!


The Chinese Restaurant named Winner Chinese Restaurant is a good place for family gathering! No wonder my parents and other elderly like to be there. ;) Chinese feel bah!

* Warning! Its a NON HALAL RESTAURANT!!! *


Level 1, Winner Hotel,
No. 9 & 10, Jalan Pasar Baru,
Kg. Air,
88000 K.K., Sabah.

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