Monday, July 25, 2011

CLOSED - Afternoon Tea at Boutique Cupcakes, City Mall, K.K, Sabah

Note : This cafe is no more in operation. (Updated October, 2012)

I'm sitting here alone at Starbucks, City Mall now while my bf discussing serious stuff with friends at the other table. =_= Nothing much that I could do besides blogging from here when there's my lappy with me! haha :D

And here goes for my pending post!

It was a nice weathered Saturday (the beginning of July) while I was having my short cup of afternoon tea at Boutique Cupcakes (BC). In the first place, was planning to drop by at MATTA Fair, Suria Sabah with my sister (Meatball) after work to have a look and since I'm quite free on Saturday.

Before the clock strikes 12.00pm, Beverly dated us for a cup of drink at BC and we did went to Suria Sabah together.... and it was for... SHOPPING! :D

- Apple and Celery Juice (RM7.00) for meatball while Fruit Tea in a pot (RM6.00) for me! -

Oh well~ My cup of fruit tea smell and taste like one. LOLz :D Meatball's cup of beverage was refreshing from what have I understood. Anyway, Celery is good for health and lowering the cholesterol you see, good for elderly too.

- Lemon Tart -

Lemon Tart was sweet if you only have a taste of the white cream (that's what I did... naively) and on my second bite which I took it from the top until the tart skin, it taste quite okay.

- Banana Cream Pie -

Beverly favorite must eat banana cream pie! She loves it very much! I never tried it before, maybe on my next visit then.

- CIA Tuna (RM16.00) -

Large portion of CIA Tuna (stated what I saw from the receipt) which Meatball had and I can't really remember what was it actually named. The salad was good with vinegar mixed with it. Tuna spread stuffed in the bread was more than enough.

- Waffle (RM11.00) -

My favorite! The whole waffle was satisfying! I was searching such waffle for a LONG TIME!!!! With fruits topping. ^_^ Waffle doesn't tasted like overdone with the flour and not too oily either.

- Boutique Cupcakes -

FYI, for those who are wondering why it was called Boutique Cupcakes while there are no cupcakes in my photographs here, no doubt, BC started their business with cupcakes from the beginning. :) Have a look at their creative cupcakes art from one of my previous post which they are now revolved with whole lots of ideas and creative foodies. ;) Just like their brand name, they are still selling the cupcakes in the new cupcakes shop at City Mall, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.

Find out more information and updates from their facebook page at here!

:) Short afternoon tea session means SHORT. The next station was Suria Sabah for girls shopping. ;P 

Fun shopping with you Bev, don't you think? You know what I meant! ahahhaaa :D


  1. i realize u always have afternoon teas ah.. someone nice nice ones.. is it a norm over there? lol :P

  2. Whoaa awesome!!
    Those pictures are so tempting and I get hungry now. Is it too late to have a supper? Hehehehe..
    Haven't eat there yet, but one day will do. :)

  3. Ken: Hmm :/ When you say norms... I kind of like it sounds. :D haha :D
    Well~ Different people like different things, I love afternoon tea! I think KK people love to eat la~ not really much selection like KL, which is more happening with all kinds of places to chill.

    Aemy: :D Can I treat your words as a compliment? LOLZ
    Some people may think after 9pm as supper, it's okay to have it now if you want! haha ;D Yea~ Go and try for once, maybe at the beginning of the month! :)

  4. Hmm been wondering about to visit there but need to drag some friends to go with. Uh puasa is in few days, bazaar ramadhan omaigawd.

  5. Yo woman! Yeah had so much "fun" shopping with u too! Let's do it again sometime next month!! xD

    btw thanks for tagging me! xD

  6. maslight : hehehe ;P I made you craved even more!

    Beverly: Yo!!!! Okay bah!

    jfook: Come to KK again!

  7. Mouthwatering photos!! The waffles looks really tempting, always been a big fan of Waffles <3 Thanks for sharing the food review with us,now i can enjoy other food rather than just the cupcakes ;D


  8. Jlo: High five!*
    Yea! Try something different over there!

  9. Can't. Next time I can't come here visiting you when my stomach is empty LOL.

    Oh my, I've never seen such waffle before...