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Saturday, July 30, 2011

I'm at Shopaholics Bazaar, Suria Sabah, K.K.!!!!

Hey!!! Is Fashion Bazaar happening in town!!!

Check out my high street fashion from MNG (Mango)! Brand new Naf Naf!!! Romp from KL! Outfits from United Kingdom! Brand new ESPRIT! Taiwan fashion line and MORE!! Its range from RM10.00 and above for clothing!

I'm selling my stuffs at the Shopaholic Bazaar this morning and tomorrow (Sunday, 31st July, 2011) from 11.00am to 9.00pm!!!

Its ALL ABOUT QUALITY AND CHEAP!!!!  Gonna get rid of them and let you all enjoy the fun!!! I kept my words on those QUALITY!

I know you want QUALITY right?? And CHEAP TOO!!

Either those are new and worn one or twice!

Locate me at my booth in front of "Pictures" and "Weight Loss" ya'll!!!!

And say HI to me for more DISCOUNTs!!!!!!

For more information about Shopaholic Bazaar - check out HERE!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Typical Chinese Cuisine from Supertanker Chinese Restaurant, Bundusan, Sabah.

If you have been following my Twitter or blog for quite sometime, you will noticed that I will normally visit this Chinese Restaurant with my family and with the same uncle (my dad's brother) who love this restaurant once in a while, especially when there's celebration.

My uncle love to keep in touch with my family, for afternoon low tea or dinner during the night. And last month, during Fathers' Day, he did "dated" us for Fathers' Day celebration, mom and aunt reserved a table and us as the Children who were having dinner together... you know what we should do right? LOLzz! PAY THE BILL!

Now you know we are closed to each other. :)

- Cold Dish -

My mom and aunt discussed and selected one of the Fathers' Day dinner package which has been prepared by the Restaurant. It was quite convenient and we could try something new which we might not think of from the usual dishes we had. ;)

I do love the first dish as usual for wedding and celebration in Chinese Restaurant, served with Jelly Fish, Abalone, Spring Rolls and Stir Fried Eggs.

- Steam Fish -

- Double Happiness Chicken -

Herbal Chicken and Honey Fried Chicken Chicken.

- Mixed Vegetables with Seafood -

I'm not sure what was the clam type of seafood cooked with the vegetables. Anyway, I love to eat the broccoli and the seafood!

- Satay Prawns -

I never tried those before. The prawns were huge with a little stuffing on its head and having fresh sweet prawn meat when I was munching it. Each person (10 of us) could only have one or two prawns and of course dads will be having more than us!

- Lotus Fried Rice -

A little disappointed when we had it. The rice was over cooked! I think the chefs were too busy cooking in the kitchen. :/

- Soft Shell Crabs -

I like it!

- Fried Durian as Dessert -

I had it before during my trip at Jonker Street, Malacca but this one nicer, freshly fried with cold Durian Stuffing inside. Nyum!

- Tiramisu Cake from Le Meridien, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah -

Happy Fathers' Day to both of them and in short, respect to all Fathers even though its an ordinary working day or weekend. ;) Once in a while, date the parents for Dim Sum Breakfast or others, for sure they will be happy! ;)

Click here for the old post of mine using BB smartphone for those photographs, doesn't look attractive and yummy like this entry for today. ;P

Monday, July 25, 2011

CLOSED - Afternoon Tea at Boutique Cupcakes, City Mall, K.K, Sabah

Note : This cafe is no more in operation. (Updated October, 2012)

I'm sitting here alone at Starbucks, City Mall now while my bf discussing serious stuff with friends at the other table. =_= Nothing much that I could do besides blogging from here when there's my lappy with me! haha :D

And here goes for my pending post!

It was a nice weathered Saturday (the beginning of July) while I was having my short cup of afternoon tea at Boutique Cupcakes (BC). In the first place, was planning to drop by at MATTA Fair, Suria Sabah with my sister (Meatball) after work to have a look and since I'm quite free on Saturday.

Before the clock strikes 12.00pm, Beverly dated us for a cup of drink at BC and we did went to Suria Sabah together.... and it was for... SHOPPING! :D

- Apple and Celery Juice (RM7.00) for meatball while Fruit Tea in a pot (RM6.00) for me! -

Oh well~ My cup of fruit tea smell and taste like one. LOLz :D Meatball's cup of beverage was refreshing from what have I understood. Anyway, Celery is good for health and lowering the cholesterol you see, good for elderly too.

- Lemon Tart -

Lemon Tart was sweet if you only have a taste of the white cream (that's what I did... naively) and on my second bite which I took it from the top until the tart skin, it taste quite okay.

- Banana Cream Pie -

Beverly favorite must eat banana cream pie! She loves it very much! I never tried it before, maybe on my next visit then.

- CIA Tuna (RM16.00) -

Large portion of CIA Tuna (stated what I saw from the receipt) which Meatball had and I can't really remember what was it actually named. The salad was good with vinegar mixed with it. Tuna spread stuffed in the bread was more than enough.

- Waffle (RM11.00) -

My favorite! The whole waffle was satisfying! I was searching such waffle for a LONG TIME!!!! With fruits topping. ^_^ Waffle doesn't tasted like overdone with the flour and not too oily either.

- Boutique Cupcakes -

FYI, for those who are wondering why it was called Boutique Cupcakes while there are no cupcakes in my photographs here, no doubt, BC started their business with cupcakes from the beginning. :) Have a look at their creative cupcakes art from one of my previous post which they are now revolved with whole lots of ideas and creative foodies. ;) Just like their brand name, they are still selling the cupcakes in the new cupcakes shop at City Mall, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.

Find out more information and updates from their facebook page at here!

:) Short afternoon tea session means SHORT. The next station was Suria Sabah for girls shopping. ;P 

Fun shopping with you Bev, don't you think? You know what I meant! ahahhaaa :D

Saturday, July 23, 2011

【沙巴游】 古达:好棒! 婆罗最顶峰音乐会 2011 Fun in Sabah : Kudat - Tip of Borneo Music Festival 2011 was amazing!

 Hey~ My last weekend was busy and tiring but I HAD SO MUCH FUN meeting people from local and tourist from far and enjoyed part of the music fest on that weekend. :) Tourists who I met even shared their thoughts to us about the event!

In my point of view, Tip of Borneo Music Festival 2011 was AWESOME and quite a meaningful event that everyone should at least go to Kudat for once on that special event.

- Music Festival at Tip of Borneo, Kudat -

FYI, in case you saw that girl at the Tip of Borneo Music Festival 2011 Shuttle Bus Service at Likas Square Bus Stop, that would be me! Hello! :D

I was there to assist THP (facebook) (click like on THP page to support their good job!) for both day and on the first day I did bump into my Primary School principal! And we did have a word or two!

- Amazing Beach Scene of Kudat -

The first bus leave at 1.30pm sharp and the second was 15 minutes behind, its all because of last minute guests. 

For hours on the road journey, finally we reached Tip of Borneo at 5.30pm and the show started at 5.45pm sharp! Fuhh*** Luckily we were there on time! We passed by the beautiful clean/ unpolluted white sandy beach of Kudat and OMG! The sky view was amazing with the Sunshine through the Cloud. Unfortunately, some of the guests were freaked out with the uneven road to Tip of Borneo. :( Dear Minister, we really would like to have a better road and introduced to the world about the beautiful place for a night or two.

- Datuk Masidi Manjun - Our honourable Minister of Tourism, Culture & Environment Sabah -

The arrival of Datuk on the first day of the Music Festival and experieced the welcoming by the native people of Kudat - The Men and Women of Rungus Tribe.

- Welcome by the Rungus people -

- The Welcoming shown in the video -

As what I have understood from my mom who was staying overnight at Kudat for two days, the special welcoming by the native people were only on the first day of the event. We were welcomed by them from the entrance to the seats.

- Beautiful traditional custom by The Rungus -

- The Stage and the Grand Seats (RM50.00) -

The grand seats above and the arena seats shown below were occupied by visitors all over the world and locals who came to Kudat for that special event and enjoy their short stay around the beach area and Tip of Borneo.

- Arena seats (RM30.00) with sitting mat included -

No worry, the early birds got a nice spot to view the happening stage performance while other late comers can too! All have equal share of the view. ;)

- Opening Act by Dayang Noraini, the local singer of Sabah -

- A short introduction by Dayang Noraini on the band -

All of the performance did a great job with all the instruments in hand and heavenly vocal that everyone were enjoying especially when the day getting darker.

- The beautiful view of Sunset appearing any time -

I never actually seen such a beautiful Sunset beside the view from Kota Kinabalu City during that hour. And I was actually looking at the Sunset where South China Sea and Sulu Sea are there.

- Jesselton Philharmonic Orchestra (Instrumental) - 

Talented local performers.

- The Sunset I have seen there -

Everyone who went to the Music Fest witnessed the beautiful Sunset which accompanied us through the evening. Breathtaking scene right? That's why I love about Sabah, all the beautiful nature here.

- Jesselton Philharmonic Orchestra (Instrumental) featuring Fred Feraddy A.Okuling -

Local song sang by Fred in traditional Rungus costume. Very nice and I listened to that song before which my dad played or karaoke-ing when he is in the mood.

- A short break -

I never seen this kind of "hanging" stall before. I went forward to have a look and actually they used bamboo to hang all of the snacks and etc.

Vedablu Ice Cream was there! Arghh~ So refreshing after I had my ice cream and adding a little more energy in me. Besides, those I mentioned, we can buy some snacks or eating noodles from the restaurant nearby, we don't want to be hungry while enjoying the music fest right? ;P

Here's a video that I watched from THP facebook page, I did not have the chance to enjoy such a beautiful performance by Roger Wang featuring Angelina Perete (and daughter) - Butterfly Baby! Certainly heartwarming song! Must watch and give her daughter a round of applause! *claps claps* All of them are Sabahan!!

You know what? I playback the video for few times and I still love the song they are singing! Feels like searching for the CD for collection!

- Roger Wang featuring Angelina Perete (and daughter) - Butterfly Baby -

THP assistants were busy through the night or should I say through the weeks and during both of the happening event. Therefore, few of us actually did not sit properly to enjoy the show on Saturday but on Sunday, all of them did enjoyed themselves while I was at home resting and prepare for work on Monday! I wouldn't want to have red eyes during work like what I had on Saturday morning after I had my sleep at 4.00am, don't I? :P

Sing Out Asia - N'jami from Okinawa, Japan -

Sing Out Asia - N'jami from Okinawa, Japan -

The first performers of Sing Out Asia during the second part on the Saturday event. I want to say out LOUD that they were awesome!!! Just play the video below!!

Sing Out Asia - N'jami from Okinawa, Japan -

 - Sing Out Asia - Art Thomya from Thailand -

 He was charming with beautiful vocal and a talented artist to know. I was behind all the crowd, sitting at a corner and listened to his song. He caught all of the audience attention when he sang "Wonderful World" and most of us or should I say all of us who knew that song, sang along together. Aww~~~ It was soo soOoo beautiful. I really enjoyed much when I was sitting there. :')

 - Sing Out Asia - Art Thomya from Thailand and N'jami from Japan -

Play the video and listen to his song, please ignore the lousy quality of my video, I was too far behind. :(

 - Sing Out Asia - Art Thomya from Thailand and N'jami from Japan -

I saw performers were enjoying themselves on stage. That was cool!

In the middle of short relaxation, we were asked to the Canteen for a discussion and its about time to wait for guests before the end of the event. One by one guests walked to the waiting point and the event on the first day ended after 10.30pm. Oh my~

- Beautiful moon (A big one) shining above us that I finally knew how to take it with my Canon - G12 -

Event ended and I reached KK around 3.00am, sorted things out and I could only sleep at 4.00am. It was my first time encounter such late sleeping hour. hehe ;) Blurry me wake up before 9.00am for breakfast with T and his parent, totally don't know how did I managed to drive to the restaurant. :/ LOLz

Great event I would say, even I only enjoyed part of it! I hope next year I could actually sit back and relax while enjoying myself. :)

For more happening photographs of both 16th and 17th July at the music festival, click HERE!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Trees Thursday : What Did You Do with Your RM5.00?

Swff** Was busying with work for past few days due to over piled of deadlines! Trying to work out the music fest's post but I have no time until now or in the next few days! :D Stay tuned, okay?


Here goes for my Trees for Thursday. :)

If a small amount of money could help this beautiful Earth or people around, I will more grateful to participate myself in playing my part.

Chloe asked us (the family) whether we want to donate trees or not with only RM5.00 per tree! 

YES! I told her!

RM5.00 not too expensive for a small tree doesn't it? I have donated 2 trees (I know... not much, but when everyone of us donating one, two or more, there will be more and more green living trees around) for the campaign that she was the ambassador the other day.


We live in this Earth, therefore we should be the one who love it and protecting our environment! An individual donate a tree as a good deed or doing any other similar low or zero cost (e.g. Plastic free Campaign as in using the Recycle Bag during shopping or even throw that little piece of rubbish in to the correct recycle bin and so on... That's thousand of methods to love this Earth la... No need me to sound granny here!) and we could sustain the life of this Earth, how nice? (Aw~ Its sounds like an advert here. :P)

For more information : Check out : Wild Borneo Expeditions!

And read more about the campaign here : Plant for the Planet: Billion Tree Campaign!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

【沙巴游】 亚庇 Fun in Sabah : Kota Kinabalu - The Green Connection, where I meet GANGSTER!

Once again I went to The Green Connection for the visiting together with a group of local students and not forgotten - THP (Don't forget to click "like" on their page, so that you could be one of the lucky to receive surprise and worthwhile giveaway when it reaches 333 likes!!) too!

Anyway, I still love to visit Green Connection Aquarium, whereby we could see and gained a lot of information about the eco-treasures of Sabah. Click here to view my first exciting visit of mine at Green Connection, by comparing with my previous visit, they have added more creatures now.

- The Green Connection and Science Discovery Lab -

Saw the Sharks, the Leopard Ray, the Turtle and other creatures? All of them are waiting for us to visit!

I have seen them personally and the Green Connection certainly a place for young and old and of course to all nature lovers too!

- Environmental Message Tree -

Over time, with the overwhelming introducing to all, the place has gained its popularity and visitors from all over the world visited there and leaving messages day by day! Even the locals love the place too. ;)

Remember I told you about the Huge Tank/ Aquarium which they were going to start with later on and having Sharks in it on my first Green Connection's entry? 

FINALLY! Everything were settled and IT WAS AWESOME!!

- The Fish Feeding Aquarium Show! -

The Fish Feeding Show was AWESOME!! And it was great meeting GANGSTER, the green turtle in the Aquarium! So, now you know "who" is GANGSTER! LOLz.

It was named Gangster, simple because of its nervous attitude towards FOODS!! Gangster always be the one nearest to and chasing the diver and keep his mouth to those food! You might be laughing if you saw it personally. Diver was playing with Gangster, the Sting Ray and all those fishes in there. How I wish I'm in there too! It surely FUN! Unfortunately, I forgotten to take the video of the Fish Feeding Show. My bad. :(

- Fish Feeding Aquarium Show -

Fun and informative explanation by the representative of Green Connection and students were having fun snapping photographs! FYI, those were some of the students who THP were handling while others sitting and standing behind.

The Aquarium is like a super huge television for us to sit back and enjoy the show!

FYI, the Diver and Gangster even showing us that they were "hugging"! So cute! :)

- Meet the Snakes! -

Say Hi to the Borneo Long-Tail Python and Borneo Short-tail Python!

Borneo Short-tail Python was cute! I took photograph with it at both of my visiting, but not with "T" (which I found it was quite interesting on my first visit) on my second visit. I just wondered, why there were not many students who were willing to take photographs with it. :/

- Meet the Snakes -

Watch that video to see the students who took photographs with the Snake! 

- Sea Turtle! -

- Corals -

Colourful and beautiful corals that we could see there! Even though some of it looks like dead but actually it is not!

- Explanation by Representative regarding the Corals -

- Stone Fish -

It really looks like Stone! Imagine if it was under the sea with all the corals with different colours.

- Baby Sharks -

They are beautiful! And I could see them in very close distance!

- Interesting -

I managed to take a few snaps of it before the students scares them away!

- Feel it -

Oh man~ Everything we saw and touch were real at Green Connection!

- World Map -

Saw that coloured little stickers? Those were the visitors all over the world who stuck on the map as an evidence that they came to visit Green Connection.

- Sea world -

I walked out earlier before the students do and I requested Meatball to help me took this!

The Sting Ray is smiling at you! :)

- Notes on Environmental Message Tree -

Satisfying with the educational tour and one of the leader took the effort to write down few words before she leave the place.

- GANGSTER, the Green Turtle -

The Green Connection is a wonderful and educational based center to create awareness and educate people with the eco-treasure of ours. 

Okay~ I'm going to stop here. Gangster waving to all of you readers! Bye!

Check out their facebook for more updates! - The Green Connection.

*Tour with Tropical Holidays Paradise.